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Did you know that sending your staff to education workshops results in 20% of retained information? That’s 80% of your resources that could have been spent elsewhere if that information isn’t followed up.

Hold them accountable for their learning.

Upon returning from workshops, ask therapists to return to work the following day and teach the team. This is a great way the therapist can be held accountable for their learning. Chances are, when asked to teach the team, they will return from the session and study further, for failure of crashing and burning infront of their team.

Host an incentive.

If you’re staff have attended a workshop on micro needling then put them to the test by incentivising them to promote that service. By performing the treatment as soon as training has completed, it puts their knowledge into practice right away and chances of forgetting taught information is minimised.

It’s their job.

If stated during the initial interview process that learning and upgrading industry knowledge is apart of your business culture, then it’s the therapists duty to comply with your standards. Passionate therapists are ones who go above and beyond to service their clients and themselves.

Are your staff attending training over the next month? How are you going to hold them accountable? Share your tips and tricks below!