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Your therapists preach to their clients daily for them to ‘wear a mineral make up’, however upon asking where to purchase, the therapist is at a loss of direction of where to point the client.

For this very reason, you need a mineral make up in your business.

If not your business, the client searches online as they make their way from the reception desk to the car. Stumbling across the likes of online retails such as Adore Beauty and Sephora she realises she doesn’t know what colour loose mineral foundation to add to cart, she sets her destination to a shopping centre. Mecca Cosmetica, Myer and Mac all stand out to her as she passes the colourfully lit stores, becomes overwhelmed and retreats to purchasing a “mineral” brand from the nearest chemist or department store.

A complimentary ‘colour correction’ or make up application post skin treatment ensures clients aren’t rushing the bathroom to apply a layer of comedogenic, occlusive make up relapsing the therapists work during treatment.

The abundance of specialist make-up artists Youtube and Instagram is producing these days are begging for your business to stock make up for them to continue their portfolio and expand their application skills. Think wedding bookings, debutante balls and graduations, the expansion of your business is limitless.

Lastly and most importantly, think profit. Adding on an extra $59-$89 per treatment, per therapist allows for a decrease in labour percentage and an increase in dollars per hour earned revenue.

So which brand should you choose for your business?

Most skincare companies of late are producing their own micro SKU’s of make-up, to aid their services, otherwise the likes of Jane Iredale, Young Blood, Mineralogie and Inika are all great brands with reputable ingredients. Such brands focus on the skincare side of the aesthetic industry to compliment and enhace treatment menus, while also being cosmetically pleasing.

Trade shows normally have great discounts and with the Beauty Expo around the corner you should certainly start to look out for deals that may come available, otherwise contact your Business Development Manager for more information.