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Christmas skincare packs are likely for you, as they are for many, cornerstones of your December retail trade. But the household name, Melbourne Dermal Therapist James Vivian, has a very different approach. James advises that skincare actually makes for a terrible choice of Christmas gift and that you should be discouraging your clients from purchasing them for others as presents.

Posting recently in his Instagram stories, James starts with some polls asking “Would you buy someone a fabulous pair of jeans (for Christmas) if you didn’t know their size?” and “would you gift someone some bedsheets not knowing what size bed they have?”

James continues with “like jeans and bedsheets and a whole bunch of other things, skincare needs to fit. That’s why unless you’re sure of someone’s skin fit, you should be leaving the skincare choosing to the professionals. So if you’d like to gift some skin stuff to a loved one this Chrissy, we recommend purchasing a voucher instead, and leave the rest up to us! Your loved one can use the voucher amount on a treatment, skincare, or bit of both.”

With James’ unique viewpoint suddenly making a whole lot of sense, we asked him whether he would recommend other businesses and clinicians begin steering clients away from skincare as Christmas gifts. He tells us “Cosmeceutical skincare works best when they’re selected by a skincare professional following a detailed consultation and skincare analysis. This is why we do not encourage skincare to be purchased as a gift and suggest a voucher instead so that we can select the best skincare for each skin. It is also for this reason that we do not retail or encourage Christmas skincare sets.”

If you feel this philosophy resonates with you and perhaps you may like to implement this within your own clinic, having this conversation with clients also presents a wonderful opportunity for education surrounding long-term skin care plans. Despite the growing levels of education and skin-savviness among the modern consumer, many of your clients still won’t be aware that their skin concerns can’t be addressed over a short period of time or fixed within one or two treatments. Letting your clients know that skincare doesn’t make the best Christmas gift opens up a dialogue around the importance of professionally prescribed regimes and regular consultations and that a one-size-fits-all approach often won’t bear results.

For more like this, stay tuned as we discuss the art of modern consultation and skin prescribing in our January edition of Beaute Industrie’s digital mag – out Jan 4th!