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We’ve all heard the saying that it “costs more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one” but have you considered what that cost actually is? Vanessa McDonald from Salon Marketing Creative (SMC) has and wait for it… it’s seven to eight times more!


From weak social media ads, poorly targeted Google Ads to expensive print marketing that gets lost in the recycling, beauty business owners are using a serious chunk of their marketing spend on strategies that just aren’t delivering on their promise.  


Diving deeper into this expensive statistic, Vanessa uncovered that not only does it cost more to get that new client through your doors but they’re considerably more difficult to sell to and less inclined to try new products or experiences. This is sounding like a lot more hustle for not enough payoff if you ask me!


So, how do beauty business owners take control of their bottom line without pouring thousands into new client tactics? For Vanessa, it all comes down to the strength of your retention strategy.


“Too often, beauty salon and skin clinic owners focus on attracting more new clients to their business; however, the magic to growing revenue is focusing on retention and increasing frequency of visits”, she explains.


Once you’ve welcomed that client into your space for the first time, it’s time to hit the go-button on having them excited for their second, third and fourth appointment. When you have an exceptionally performing retention strategy, your focus becomes less on welcoming as many new people through the door and more about celebrating the ones you have.


Think of it as quality over quantity. Currently, up to 75% of your business is coming from people that already know, like and trust you so, if you were to increase each of those people’s visits by just one or two more per year, you can seamlessly increase your profits by up to 25%! That’s some serious numbers added to your annual revenue without spending money on attracting new clients.


Vanessa shares with me that to achieve this, it isn’t just about asking the client if they’d like to rebook because we all know they’ll say they’ll “do it online later”. With just 27% returning for that second visit, it’s evident that this approach doesn’t cut it any longer.


Instead, it comes down to activating a nurturing marketing sequence that introduces your clients to complementary experiences, compelling offers and continuous value adds that have them hitting that ‘book now’ button faster than we can apply our morning sunscreen.


“Think of it as “training” your new clients to continually engage with your business from that very first booking. We’re encouraging them to try new services, purchase retail, rebook their favourite services and tell their friends and family about their positive experiences. This strategy results in an increase in the salon’s KPI’s for average client spend, a boost in their frequency and ultimately, a boost in annual revenue and profit”, Vanessa adds.


Now, we know that marketing isn’t your favourite word in the business owner dictionary which is why we’re thrilled to share with you Salon Marketing Creative’s Client Retention Package, a brand-new offering from Vanessa and her team that is dedicated to achieving impressive results, like the ones we’ve shared with you today.


Vanessa has harnessed the marketing features available in all your favourite salon software systems, including Timely, Kitomba, Phorest and Shortcuts, to have you implementing a stronger rebooking process sooner without needing to learn any new programs or purchase yet another subscription.


Pairing her industry-acclaimed retention strategy with customisable artwork, professionally written copy, clear call to actions, engaging scripts for your team and enticing offers, all with the important fine print sorted, SMC’s New Client Retention Package is the gateway to putting that undervalued client database staring back at you to work.


At a time where so many beauty businesses across Australia need to regain lost profits and prepare for a whirlwind festive season and New Year, SMC’s new addition has come at the perfect time.  


For Shanara Nettlefold, owner of Indulge Beauty Co in Victoria, Vanessa’s support has seen her Junior Therapist sell and rebook clients with confidence from their very first visit!


“It was fantastic seeing my junior therapist effortlessly retail two products in her first appointment thanks to the gift pack! The same client’s next booking included a facial treatment with her skin treatment upgrade gift featured on the gift pack. She purchased retail again during her visit and has since become a great client”, Shanara shares.


Farewelling the ineffective “would you like to rebook?” script from her business and switching it out for SMC’s New Client Retention process was a total business gamechanger for Verve Noosa owner, Kim Susskind. When we read salon owners describing Vanessa’s strategy as ‘effortless’, it makes us so excited for more businesses to get their hands on this game-changing package. Kim shares,


“To say it’s effortless to rebook new clients for a second appointment since introducing SMC’s New Client Retention process would be an understatement. Once upon a time, the team would ask a new client if they would like to rebook and that’s where it would end if they say no. Now, we have a new approach that gets the rebook and introduces the client to skin and so much more”.


So, let’s get down to business. How can salon owners kick off their new client retention strategy?


You’ll want to head over to SMC’s website here to learn more about SMC’s New Client Retention Package, watch Vanessa put potential profits into action and read more incredible testimonials from industry leaders who can’t get enough of this easy-to-implement strategy.


Now, this is where things get exciting. The team at Professional Beauty Solutions are subsidising 50% of the New Client Retention Package for the first 25 salon owners to purchase this package!


Whether you’re a PBS partner or not, Matt, Lisa and the entire team at PBS are supporting the industry through these challenging times by getting more return clients on your treatment bed and shopping up a storm in your retail space!


With interest-free repayment plans available, there is no need to wait another day and spend another dollar on ineffective marketing strategies. It’s time to maximise those that already love your business and have them raving about your incredible experience more often than ever.