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From winging the lockdown life, creating daily self-care routines to considering adding our postman to our Christmas card list, Team Beaute has spent the past 18+ months just like you – taking it day by day.


When brainstorming our October issue, we wanted to raise all the positive vibes. That’s why we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes life of Team Beaute; not the industry experts you know us for, but the humans that like yourself, have endured the highs and lows of 2020 and 2021.


Spread across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, it’s been too long between cocktails for our team but thanks to the likes of our Slack Chats, Zoom and Lashana’s hysterical Tik Tok collection, we’re all as connected as ever. We hope to bring a little Beaute sunshine into your day.


This is how we do it – a day-in-the-life of Team Beaute

Psst… bonus points if you sang that title! With most of our team currently in lockdown, we share how we’re navigating our day-to-day lives.


Tamara: At the moment, I’m taking it day-by-day and winging the lockdown life but what I am keeping as a must-do is my daily walk. For me, the nature of walking takes me outside of my four walls, gives me space to think and provides me with creative inspiration. 


Lashana: The one thing I have done the entire way through lockdown is get up, get dressed, and go for a little walk to get a takeaway coffee. It is an amazing way to start the morning, get outside for some fresh air and keep some normalcy to my day! Plus, I love seeing the people at the cafe and supporting them through it all! I’m a big one for routine, so keeping mealtimes, and getting dressed has kept me feeling good. BUT I’m learning to do things when I want and feel like it, rather than because I must; I’m a neat freak, so the biggest thing I’ve had to do is be gentle on myself with cleaning – I’m at my house 24/7 – it ain’t gonna be spotless! 


Mala: I need to go day by day, as my feelings and mental outlook can fluctuate so easily. I have a Google Sheets calendar to map out my tasks and see in a general sense how many hours I can dedicate to client work, but things get bumped around every day. Trying to stick to hard schedules will inevitably mean I feel like sh*t when I don’t meet them.


Elaine: I have a routine; with a 16-month-old toddler it’s hard not to! I am up super early, and most days are planned out with her activities or when she’s at day-care, it’s work and housework! 


Mary Ann: In the earlier lockdowns, I used to have a strict schedule to help me with exercise and make me feel that I was making the lockdown “worth it”, but now I feel too overwhelmed, so I’ve changed it and now going day-by-day. I don’t want to stress myself over things I “should” be doing during lockdown and now I am just being in the moment. 


Rach: The first four lockdowns (whoa, what a statement) saw me have a strict schedule but I was inevitably burning myself out and feeling pretty terrible when I didn’t get everything done. Now, it’s about taking on a little less each day, prioritising getting outside and being much kinder to myself. It’s definitely paid off both in terms of my mental health and my creativity.


What we’re watching

Because let’s face it. Who isn’t in a committed relationship with Netflix right now?!


Tamara: When times are tough, my mind goes straight to trashy TV and Love Island UK couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me to binge. With a 6-month-old baby, I’ve also come to quickly learn Cocomelon and Bluey so sadly, these feature on my screen way too much recently!  


Lashana: Tik Tok is where I go for a laugh or at the end of a busy day! I love watching people just do things that bring them joy. I’ve always been a YouTube girl over a TV girl – there is something about it being less ‘produced’ and more authentic that I really love. I watch a bit of everything from reaction and commentary channels to gaming – it makes me feel like I’m hanging out with friends! I’m also re-watching favourites like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, The Nanny and Schitt’s Creek.


Mala: I watch a lot of anime (Japanese cartoons) because they’re so fun and colourful and OTT in their emotions and humour it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. When I take regular breaks throughout the workday, I’m often straight to TikTok for a good laugh.


Elaine: I love a good Netflix series; honestly, they have been a live saver! I’m currently watching Animal Kingdom and Money Heist.


Mary Ann: I am in the middle of watching Shameless on Netflix, it’s an amazing TV show. I’ve also just started Narcos on Netflix, which stars Pedro Pascal and I’m obsessed with it. And of course, I’m watching all the seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Stan with my partner – we’re currently on season 3!


Rach: 2020 was the year I discovered Schitt’s Creek. I think I’ve watched the entire series at least four times over the past 18 months! I am a big YouTube fan and watch a lot of travel content; especially Disney-related travel. I am also addicted to reality tv so Keeping Up With The Kardashians, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Block and Selling Sunset are on high rotation.


Pressing Play

From podcasts to our Spotify playlists, here’s what we’re pressing play on during the week.


Tamara: I’m not a huge American-hype type of person but to give my motivation a boost in the mornings I’ve been tuning into the Garry V audio experience. Garry is a super candid ‘get shit done’ type of person who makes me snap out of the woe-is-me narrative that lockdown sets and helps me grab the day by the lemons and make lemonade! You can also tell I was born in the ‘90s by these songs I’ve been singing my son to sleep to! Savage Garden, Steps, Oasis and Mariah Carey are frequent on the playlist.


Lashana: Basic white girl over here LOVES her some good criminal investigations. I have been diving headfirst into the court case involving Robert Durst (if you haven’t seen the Jinx, go watch!), along with watching interrogation tapes that break down how people react and why. I’ve also been pumping songs from my youth – including ‘90s jams and even Disney songs! I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia or the happy vibes, but it has really perked up my day! But really, give me anything from Cardi B, Doja Cat or the Weeknd and I’m set. 


Mala: I’m not a huge podcast person but I work with the team at Inside Aesthetics, which lets me stay connected with the industry and any specific medical topics I’m especially interested in. And Beaute Industrie’s of course! I have one of the most varied tastes in music imaginable, I can enjoy anything from heavy metal to Taylor Swift. I use different genres for different moods – I’ll put piano or orchestral playlists on for work or study, or happy hits on a Saturday morning when I’m energised and ready to do my errands.


Elaine: I’m not massively into podcasts but I do take the notion. I might listen to The Two Johnnies for proper Irish humour, and one recently is A County Down Under – another Irish girl living in Sydney for just everyday chit chat. Their voices help with the homesickness. My playlist is anything –  Dance ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, Irish and some nursery rhymes in there too!


Mary Ann: I’m not a podcast person whatsoever (please revoke my millennial/gen z license!) however the couple of podcasts that I have listened to are Beaute Industrie (obviously), Dewy Dudes, Financial Feminist and Bobo and Flex. I’m currently obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Chromatica remix album and I am hyped about ABBA coming back after 40 years! I also love disco and rock & roll, so I have the talents of Donna Summer and AC/DC in my current playlist. Also, as a true nerd, I do have my moments of listening to the Star Wars movie and video game soundtracks, as well as the Game of Thrones soundtrack as well.


Rach: Podcasts have become a MASSIVE part of my week; I know the days and times my favourites drop each week! My favourite comedian, Em Rusciano, launched a podcast in 2020 lockdown called Emsolation which has undoubtedly helped me through these past 18 months. It is the highlight of my Thursday. I also love YouBeauty, Shameless, Mamamia Out Loud, Beaute Industrie (obvs) and now that I’m expecting a bebe, This Glorious Mess: Little Kids. My playlist is a mix of Queen, INXS, Elton John, Britney Spears and of course, the Hamilton soundtrack.


Our Ultimate Post-Lockdown Day Out

Need we say more? This is where you’ll find us as soon as possible (if you see us out, we’ll take an espresso martini, please!)

Tamara: Good food immediately comes to mind. I want to be at a restaurant, cocktail in hand, hugging everyone and introducing my baby boy to my best friends and family who are yet to meet him.


Lashana: I am a Melbourne girl who wants to do Melbourne things! I want to have a boujee overpriced brunch with stupid flowers on top that you never eat, I want to go to a market just to walk around and look at all the things on display and I’d finish the day by going and playing some mini-golf!


Mala: I can’t wait to get back to glamming up for media events and industry functions, but right now I’m so exhausted I’d be happy just to pop down to the pub or one of the awesome bars around the corner with our friends. Minimal effort, maximum impact! I’d also love to get back to Japan, maybe with any luck my bf and I can do the cherry blossom holiday next year that we were meant to do in 2020.


Elaine: I’m getting on that plane to the Emerald Isle to introduce our daughter to all our family and friends. 


Mary Ann: I’ve so far spent all my 20’s in lockdown, so I just want to get out and do what people in their 20’s do! Day trips to country towns, dancing, and meeting friends, drag shows, drinking cocktails and having a laugh, not taking life seriously – all of that!


Rach: It makes me tear up just thinking about a proper day out. The first thing that comes to mind is getting on a plane and seeing our families as my husband and I don’t have any family in Victoria. I also cannot wait to be back brunching with my friends, heading away for weekends, stepping back into the theatre for all the shows I have had cancelled and planning our baby’s first trip to Disneyland. 


Small Biz Love

Let’s face it. We’ve all gotten to know our postman a little better than we normally would over the past few months, right? Here are some small shops we’ve been loving for treating others and ourselves.


Tamara:  Homewares, baby things, WFH clothes – add everything to cart! I’ve recently saved artwork from Booie and Ben, ottomans from Henlee Co, bedding from The Sheet Society and jewellery from Holly Ryan Jewellery.


Lashana: I LOVE Soy Chronicles (thanks, Rach). If I’m going to be in my house 24/7, it might as well smell like a Bohemian Dream! I also love Pink Nade – I’m dying to buy more earrings from them soon.


Mala: I recently bought the most amazing dried flower bouquets from a Sydney gal – Palm of Petals. Absolutely gorgeous. I also bought a tonne of wax melts, bath salts and candles from another small biz I discovered on Insta – In Awe of Ava.


Elaine: I am loving candles from Lumen + Luxe!


Mary Ann: I haven’t done a lot of online shopping but instead spend a lot of my money on my daily caffeine intake, so I’ve been buying from my neighbourhood cafes! 


Rach: Gosh, my postman literally knows my dog’s name at this point. I have loved supporting Melbourne candlemaker, Soy Chronicles, Inglewood Coffee Roaster for my coffee beans, Cheeky Chickadee for some gorgeous baby clothes and Free From Co for divine grazing platters.


Moments Of Gratitude

Ending the snapshot into Team Beaute felt fitting with a moment of gratitude; something we truly value as a team.


Tamara: I’m most grateful for the little things and random acts of kindness. Simple messages of thanks in my dm’s, surprise deliveries just to say people are thinking of me, discovering a great coffee shop down the road and long conversations with people over absolutely nothing.


Lashana: My boyfriend and I moved in together the week of the pandemic…what a test! The patience and understanding we have learnt from this have been awesome and I think, all things considered, we are stronger for it. And of course, my boys; Mac and Meatball. Seriously, they light up my days and make sure they’re never boring.


Mala: I’m super grateful for my natural creative abilities. I’m fortunate enough to have some level of natural intuition that lets me just pick up a craft or new hobby, like painting or sculpting or creating some random art or figuring out how to play a song by ear on the piano without sheet music. That has 100% kept me going in lockdown, getting to enjoy an activity (sometimes it’s almost meditative) but having something tangible and rewarding at the end. I’m also incredibly grateful for all the amazing industry colleagues that I can call friends and all the opportunities that have come my way, resulting in the launch of my dream copywriting and content business earlier this year. It definitely hasn’t all been bad!


Elaine: My close friends here have helped me through this rollercoaster the last 2 years. I’ve discovered money isn’t worth much when you can’t go anywhere or do anything, so experiences are far more important. 


Mary Ann: I’m grateful for being able to connect with friends online! I’ve made friends through fashion, video games and skincare that makes life a little less lonely during lockdown. I’m also grateful for sunshine and the healthcare workers around the world!


Rach: Without a doubt, I am most grateful for my husband Nic who has kept me going every day. He has held me when I’ve cried, celebrated the wins with me and ordered pizza with me when we definitely had food in the fridge. I’m also incredibly grateful for my parents who I miss terribly, my close circle of friends, my team, and our selfless front-line workers.