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In the beauty and aesthetics industry, therapists should represent to clients with a polished and professional look. So why are we seeing Sunday buns, overfilled lashes, lips and claws as fingernails?

To not only meet but exceed a client’s expectation and for a client to view our industry as a professionally educated one, we need to reflect this in the way our therapists present themselves. Our presentation standards are five star and this criteria rates a 10 out of 10 score for a therapist. This criteria should be aimed for from the first treated client all the way through to the last, and checked prior to treating clients.

Psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone; 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance.

Let that statistic sink in for a moment.

Your client has made their mind up about your business, the service they’re being provided and the therapist who greets them within the first 17 seconds all via 55% of that first impression being made by physical appearance – how unfair! When you think about it, as therapists we use our hands to create all the magic. The snoring, body jolting relaxing and results based treatments are all created with our magical hands, yet our services and our business are judged by what we look like.

If this is the case – let’s look like a 10 out of 10 therapist – someone who looks the part so we get full marks before the client even gets on the bed then shall we!?

Let’s talk uniforms.

Wear one. If you’re not wearing a uniform, you’re not representing a business or a brand – you’re representing you. Uniforms should be cleaned, free from stains and spills, pressed with an iron and complete with a name badge on the top left hand side of your shirt. Shoes and socks are essential to finishing a uniform and should complement the colour of the uniform. Close toed, comfortable and supportive enough for your body to endure long treating days on your feet. We love the price point, availability and durability of Sketchers and have heard good things about Frankie 4.

Next up, make up.

Therapists should be aiming to achieve healthy skin as a canvas to a light make up application. This includes practicing what you preach by having regular treatments and following a professional homecare routine. Makeup stocked in the business should be worn as a billboard to advertise the colours, longevity and finish. A day looking coverage of foundation or powder, a slick of mascara, tidy of the brows and a neutral or light coloured lipstick is preferred and should be reapplied after breaks and between clients.


Always up and neatly secured away from the face. If you’re moving your hair out of your eyes or tucking it behind your ears, then you need to invest in hairspray and bobby pins my friend – it’s unhygienic and distracting when performing treatments.

Unless part of your brand, hair should be a respectable colour which is clean and free from obvious regrowth.


Free from jewellery, unless wedding band or hand to skin contact. Nails should be short and neatly manicured, finished without polish or applied gel polish, which is refilled when starting to chip. If you can see the tips of your nails when looking at your palms, then they can scratch your client.

Personal Hygiene.

It’s a physical job being a therapist and with that, we can get hot, irritated, and sweaty during treatments – especially during the Summer months. Ensure you’re personal hygiene is free from scent with a natural smelling deodorant applied the morning of your shift and re-applied throughout the day post long treatments or during lunch breaks. Lunch breaks need to follow with a mint or brush of the teeth, and the smell of cigarette is never acceptable. Fragrance and perfume should always compliment the scent of your beauty space and should not be offensively applied or too strong smelling when you’re in close confides with your client.

Every beauty space should have an SOS presentation kit complete with; back-up hair spray, hair ties, bobby pins, lip stick, nail polish remover, deodorant and mints. To clarify for your team what kinds of presentation standards are acceptable in your space, you should have a therapist model the 10/10 therapist look and post it in your team breakout area.

Discuss these presentation standards during interviews, therapist onboarding and KPI reviews so that therapists are constantly being made accountable for their personal grooming and are clear on what you require from an expectation level.

I’ve got a little scenario for you that I experience frequently as a consumer during my mystery shop visits. Imagine this: your sitting on the couch waiting for your therapist to come and collect you for your treatment and there is another client on the couch next to you. A 10 out of 10 therapist comes down the hall and says ‘jodie, im sophie i’ll be your therapist today, thank you so much for completing the client card – that’s going to help me tailor your treatment to your needs today. Come on through to the treatment room when you’re ready!” Jodie and sophie get up and leave for the treatment room.

You’re waiting patiently for your treatment as you overhear a therapist having a chin wag at the reception only then comes dordling down the hallway. You see the therapist with a sunday bun, last nights makeup smelling like mcdonalds and says ‘lucy, come on through to the treatment room’ before whipping around and heading there herself.

What are you thinking in this moment? You’re thinking ‘noooooo, but i want sophie the 10 out of 10 therapist because she is a better therapist!!’ Am I right? Now we know that sophie may be the world worst therapist and sally our 5 out of 10 therapist may be the world’s best therapist but because our impressions are made up within 17 seconds, we as a client are already discounting the treatment we are about to have. This makes it difficult to engage with the client during setup number three of seven being the consultation.

That our friends is step #2 of seven for our Podcast mini series; the 7 essential steps that turn an average treatment into an exceptional experience, brought to you by the Global Beauty Group. Next Wednesday we look at Step number #3 which explores the Consultation for the purpose of asking more intelligent consultation questions, marrying the client’s lifestyle which is causing their concern, how our therapists can understand basic client behaviour and to how we can use technology to enhance our credibility.