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Haven’t heard of Alma lasers yet? Let us introduce you, and give you a long list of reasons to remember the name! Established in 1999, Alma has a long history of providing leading surgical and aesthetic technologies to the medical and beauty sectors for decades, and is continue to grow day by day. While relatively new to Australian shores, Alma remains a top provider of energy-based devices in 90 countries around the globe, offering solutions for hair removal, scarring, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, hydradermabrasion, pigmented and vascular lesions, vaginal health, laser blepharoplasty, skin tightening and more.

When it comes to brand pillars, Alma is built on a strong foundation of research and development in order to create cutting edge technology that gets to market quickly. 16% of all employees are R&D specialists, 25% of whom hold PhD and advanced degrees. This allows Alma to lead the way not only in manufacturing powerful and effective energy-based devices, but in the shortest possible timeframe getting a device to market. Generally the development and release of a new device is 1-2 years for Alma, versus the 3-4 year industry standard. Alma strives to redefine the industry through their endless desire to create and innovate, and in doing so, drive the global industry forward.

Now let us introduce you to one of our favourite devices by Alma. We know the majority of our community members love nothing more than a true multi-tasker, one that allows you to accommodate a multitude of clients and indications, and give you more freedom when treating. Well, if you’re in search of a body contouring solution that ticks these boxes, Alma’s Accent Prime may be the advanced workstation you’re looking for. Accent Prime is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art solution for face and body contouring and aesthetic enhancement that combines radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound (US) in order to achieve noticeable results for your clients, fast!

Accent Prime allows you to offer customisable treatments for a range of areas across the face and body, simultaneously targeting adipocytes and collagen for a dual benefit anti-ageing, skin tightening, slimming and contouring effect. This latest generation of Accent Prime includes new features that offer shorter treatment times and even more powerful results than ever. Let’s take you through the energy types and handpieces:


Radiofrequency – Accentuate

The Accentuate handpieces offer hands-free, stationary applicators designed for body contouring and skin tightening incorporate resonant-distributed RF heating. Utilising 40.68 MHz, you can tighten and shapes large areas of the body safely and effectively, as well as being able to adjust for any asymmetry thanks to independent left & right side parameters. Real-time patient temperature monitoring adds increased control and freedom for practitioners,Optimise your results when used in a combined protocol following UltraSpeed. This synergetic combination of RF and Ultrasound technologies enables enhanced effectiveness and significantly improved results.

Ultrasound – UltraSpeed

The UltraSpeed applicator combines a new type of Ultrasound technology with an extra large applicator plate for high speed body contouring. It is Alma’s pioneering device, which utilises transverse wave technology. UltraSpeed features a plate type sonotrode which emits ultrasonic waves through concentric profiles in order to heat the target tissue. The US energy emits simultaneously longitudinal and transverse ultrasound wave, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells. The treatment time for the full abdominal area is now just 20 minutes, and operator fatigue is reduced thanks to a grid size of 600 cm2 – which covers an especially large treatment area.


Alma has created a Small Areas Treatment concept, comprised of three innovative applicators, MiniSpeed/SpeedSculpt and TuneFace. These integrate both Ultrasound and RadioFrequency technologies.

MiniSpeed – based on a revolutionary Ultrasound technology created with the goal of treating smaller areas and providing a complete treatment. This is essentially a scaled down version of Alma’s UltraSpeed body applicator, using a 55 mm diameter sonotrode for fat reduction and contouring of the submentum or backs of the arms.

SpeedSculpt – features guided ultrasonic waves with even smaller 44 mm diameter sonotrode, enabling an effective and safe treatments for super-small areas including face and submentum.

TuneFace – this small RF applicator has been uniquely designed for skin tightening on small areas, and features an assisted vacuum mechanism to complement the protocol and boost results.

Working with a combination of MiniSpeed/SpeedSculpt and TuneFace applicators provides an ideal solution for small areas, promoting better results for fat reduction and skin tightening in areas that are typically more challenging to reach. This synergistic protocol leverages the best of all worlds, reducing stubborn localised fat and tightening, smoothing and enhancing dermal tissue. It combines two distinct energy sources, each with its own advantages and designated treatment areas, and ensures effectiveness while delivering impressive, long lasting results.

Finally, a multi-tasking energy-based device that will allow you to contour and rejuvenate the face and body simultaneously – so you can bid farewell to the necessity of having two separate, bulky devices taking up precious floorspace in your clinic! Whether it’s reducing stubborn pockets of fat on the body or below the chin, targeting cellulite, or plumping and retexturising skin, Accent Prime can accommodate. If you’d like to know more about suitable client indications you can treat, or device specs such as power output, depth control, or Alma’s patented Unipolar RF technology, click here. Otherwise, head to – the Alma team would love to hear from you!