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There are so many skincare brands and product options saturating the professional beauty industry, particularly when it comes to treatment serums, that we are used to seeing many variations of the same thing, with similar combinations of ingredients. So when something truly unique comes along, it can create absolute waves of excitement. That is exactly what has happened in response to O Cosmedics’ latest release – the ‘Liquid Gold’ Vitamin C Hemp Seed Oil. The long-awaited, highly anticipated launch took only 4 weeks to completely sell out of O’s warehouse stock, so we simply had to investigate what makes this product so special.

With so much legislation and taboo around cannabinoids in Australia, it’s no surprise that any beauty product with hemp seed oil is causing a stir. It’s important to distinguish at this point the key differences in hemp oil vs CBD oil, the latter of which is only available in Australia through pharmacies with a prescription. Hemp oil has little to no CBD content, and is obtained by cold-pressing hemp seeds to extract their oil. CBD oil is made by extracting the CBD compound from the hemp plant’s leaves, flowers and stalks.

According to O Cosmedics founder Maria Enna-Cocciolone, the feedback from O stockists suggests that it’s the multilevel results customers are loving most. “Even skin tone,definite reduction in pigmentation, life-saver during pregnancy, skin glow, hydration and nourishment – all from a few drops!” Hemp seed oil demonstrates some powerful healing and anti-inflammatory capabilities, making it an ideal reparative agent for all skin types including sensitive, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, and barrier impairment. It is rich in omegas 3 and 6, which as we know goes a long way in strengthening our skin barrier, our cell membranes, and our capillary networks. As a healer, barrier, strengthener and moisturiser, it makes for an ideal choice when looking to treat a multitude of skin types and conditions. It’s also non-comedogenic, as well as anti-bacterial – perfect for more problematic skins.

As for the vitamin C component, this works hand in hand with the hemp seed’s anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and capillary-supporting properties, as we know that vitamin C shares these. We also know that it is of course a wonderful antioxidant – a must have for any repairing and barrier-strengthening treatment. O’s vitamin C derivative of choice for this formulation is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a potent but extremely stable form of vitamin C. This C derivative is favoured for several reasons:

  • It demonstrates low incidence of reactivity or sensitivity, can be used on sensitive skins and is soothing and calming without being aggressive
  • It’s oil soluble, enhancing its penetration capabilities through the cells’ lipid bi-layers
  • It has shown superior lightening qualities, having dramatic pigment-fading results
  • It’s an effective pigment inhibitor, aiding in preventing the melanin formation and the transfer
  • It’s an effective collagen stimulator

Yet another reason this product may be so popular is that it’s pregnancy safe. Finally, a powerful pigment-fader that is safe for mummas, in addition to a healing anti-inflammatory hydrator that can improve pregnancy associated sensitivity and breakouts.

So if you’re looking for a powerful all-rounder, that allows you to deliver a good dose of vitamin C, fade pigment and even skin tone, boost collagen, and strengthen and heal sensitisation and impaired barriers, this may be the saviour you’ve been waiting for.