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Summer bodies are made in the Winter, and the beauty industry is jumping right on board. Welcome the body positive movement about to hit your retail shelves.

The latest shift in the beauty industry has seen mainstream beauty supporting size two women with long blonde hair, move into a ‘love your body’ mentality, with the help of some major industry players and we are right on board with them!

In 2017 Glossier launched its Body Hero campaign hosting five real women with real bodies, parading their birthday suits all over New York City. Curvy, coloured, busty, tall, toned, stunning women graced the billboards of New York to promote body image positivity and with it launched Glossier’s newest body product, Body Hero.


 The aim of the duo of body products is to “upgrade your shower” reads their website. Influenced by the products we so readily use above the neck, Body Hero aims to treat the other ninety percent of our skin, the body.

Daily Oil Wash is a simple body cleanser, utilising a unique blend of seven different oils which act as a like-for-like in removing excess sebum build up, while Daily Perfecting Cream is a light weight, low sheen fast absorbing moisturiser which locks in hydration for the skin.

Together both products will set you back $35 USD, but it’s not the product that has consumers sold, its the marketing  behind the bottle. One customer reviewed the product saying “My biggest body skin issue is that i have red itchy bumps on the back of my arms, I now feel comfortable wearing singlet tops!”.

Australian women spend, on average, over $3600 a year on beauty products. Imagine if all that money spent was converted into feeling so damn positive about the way we felt after using that product we said ‘stuff it’ and held our head high with confidence for our bodies, now that is an industry we would be proud of!

Other professional brands such as Dermalogica, Alpha H and Elemis are just a few professional product ranges to add body products to their most recent launches and we cannot wait to see what others have in store this Winter.

Glossier Body Campagin