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It’s important to think about the age of the client when prescribing treatment packages to your clients. Often the age of the client will determin the health of the skin and how responsive it is to certain treatments.

Through the age of 20’s seasonal facials are ideal to maintain skin health.

Cell turnover naturally occurs in a 28 day cycle therefore, exfoliation should be minimally focused on and hydration should be optimal.

30-40 year olds should look at having bi-monthly facials to promote collagen from being degraded and to stimulate circulation.

European massage should encourage circulation through primary erythema, enabling blood flow from the dermis to feed the epidermis with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and oxygen through the clients eating habits.

During the 50’s and 60’s clients should be prescribed a treatment package to target concerns, such as ageing or adult acne, then maintain regular 4-6 week facials.

As the skin now has a slower desquamation rate, enzymaic exfoliation and gentle alpha hydroxy acid based solutions help to regulate cell turnover and nourish the skin through antioxidant protection.

Encourage your therapists to view the year the client was born on the client card and be educated on what is happening in the skin during that decade. Outline treatment packages to clients during the consultation, so the client can see the entire length of their journey and the pathway to gaining back skin health.