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Ever wondered how you can promote your treatment packages and rebook your clients months in advance? Client loyalty and retention is something all beauty businesses and therapists monitoring, however when we look at that pesky rebooking figure, it often brings doom and gloom to the conversation.

Here are our tried and tested tips and tricks to building a loyal and returning clientele.

Display your treatment packages

Take a look at your current treatment menu – are your packages outlined, advertised or displayed clearly? What often stops clients from purchasing a package and making the commitment to investing in their concern is often the most simply blinding thing, being they couldn’t find any information on said packages of treatments.

Ensure your treatment packages are displayed on your menu, in your client lounge area and too on your retail prescription pad for therapists to direct consultations and product recommendations to.

Create packages which solve your clients top concerns

Sometimes, we get a little excited when creating treatment packages and name them all kinds of weird and wonderful things! Bring it back to basics when creating package names and try to solve your client concerns.

For example. If you treat a lot of breakout prone skins, then name your package something like ‘skin clearing’ or ‘ breakout be gone’. Aging clients? The ‘skin rewind’ or if your branding is a little more sassy the ‘make me look 25 years younger’ package. These names make it easy to understand from a client’s point of view and should be directed to when recommending a course of treatments by a therapist.

Show value in your packages

Bundle together consultations, treatments, products and add ons to create your packages. Add on value items like a ‘free acne food menu’ or promotional product too boost the value and price of your package, without adding on extra time to your provided services.

Total the value of your package and create an affordable price for your client. Show the total price of the package when purchased separately and then too the value price for the client when purchasing the package upfront. Clients love to see what they’re saving and what kind of value they’re getting for their investment.

Get your therapists to communicate the packages

As your walking, talking billboards, your team are the biggest way to promote your packages. Ensure your team understands the benefit of multiple treatments versus single treatments and the value and benefit to the client both monetary and result wise for the investment.

Better still, have your therapists complete a package of treatments themselves so they completely understand the process, downtime should there be any, results and articulation of package with the client.

We would love to hear what you create with your packages and should you change or alter your menu or communication with your clients to reflect the above – let us know!