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In traditional Beaute Industrie spirit, today we’re hoping to spark a conversation around a topic rarely spoken about in our little community, though an important and prevalent issue for many of our clients nonetheless. So here it is. Prepare yourselves. Did you know that 48% of women have concerns about the appearance of their vulva? The same 2019 study also found that out of 3,670 participants, 30% of women are concerned about vulva discolouration.

Practitioners that provide hair removal and laser rejuvenation in intimate areas regularly hear questions (behind closed doors) like “What can I do to tighten things up?” and “How can I get the colour looking more even down there?” Changes to genital laxity, pigmentation, texture and appearance are completely normal and occur naturally through hormonal changes, child-birth, and ageing in general. But there are plenty who suffer serious losses in body confidence when affected by these types of changes, so we’re here to report a new, fast, easy, and pain-free in-clinic solution, brought to our attention by our friends over at The Global Beauty Group.

Three-time Australian Beauty Industry Award Wholesaler of the Year winners and proud #BeautePartner The Global Beauty Group were thrilled to announce this week the launch of the Pink Intimate System for intimate area rejuvenation. Developed by renowned Italian medical research centre Promoitalia, the Pink Intimate System is a professional skincare product that lifts, brightens, firms and tightens intimate areas with bio-stimulating components that trigger a natural regeneration process within the body. Treatments are completely topical and non-invasive, while offering a safe, efficacious, and cost-effective alternative to surgery. Case studies demonstrate long-term, often immediate results.

Peggy Millios, owner of the 8 location salon group Wax It, recently added the Pink Intimate System to her treatment menu to support her clients and boost their confidence, and says it perfectly complements her existing offerings. “The system is very much in alignment with our ethos of helping our clients alleviate their concerns without the need for invasive procedures. More than ever before we’re seeing people become more self-conscious and wanting to look good, and for us it’s all about caring for our guests with non-invasive treatments. Our guests have been amazed and delighted at the results and with seeing a difference from the first treatment. It’s been nice to see them walking out with a smile”.

The formula is gentle yet effective and comprises of high-performing active ingredients, clinically formulated to brighten and lift including kojic acid, rucinol, and glutathione. Papaya, retinol, bisabolol and liquorice extract aim to simultaneously restore and soothe treated areas. Clients can generally expect to experience:

  • Tightening and firming of the treatment area
  • Brighter and more consistent skin tone on intimate areas
  • Reduction in the appearance of blemishes
  • Improved skin texture and smoothing of rough areas
  • Fast, comfortable and non-invasive treatments
  • Zero downtime or post treatment discomfort
  • Visible results, often from the first treatment

Before and after 2 Pink Intimate System treatments. Photo courtesy of PromoItalia.

There are several additional benefits too. Most laser and IPL settings need to be decreased drastically to keep darker skin safe during treatment, often meaning reduced results or more treatments required. Use of the Pink Intimate System ensures that laser and IPL settings can remain at the level required to destroy hair due to the reduction of pigment in that area, thus keeping the skin safe. There is also no bleach or hydroquinone included, meaning no risk of skin thinning, or irritation. IPL and Laser can be performed 1 week either side of a Pink Intimate System. These benefits make the system an ideal add-on or combination treatment in conjunction with laser treatments.

The system can assist with brightening and tightening a range of areas on the body including:

  • External genital area e.g. labia majora
  • Mons-venus (public mound)
  • Perianal region (anus and surrounding area)
  • Bikini line and thighs
  • Underarms
  • Knees and elbows
  • Breast areola (nipples)

Pink Intimate System treatments take less than 20 minutes to perform, has a per treatment consumable cost of $25 and an average treatment price of $175. Sessions are comfortable, easy to perform, require no specialised salon equipment plus provide phenomenal results and client satisfaction.

Intimate area rejuvenation services can provide high levels of profit per treatment, innovative services that attract new demographics and help clients feel more confident than ever. For more information call The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607 or visit