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Each and every week, we see countless salons and practitioners seeking advice as they look to switch their in-clinic skincare ranges, so we do our best to keep you, our community, up to date with the latest information on what’s out there. Today, we’re bringing you news of the latest brand to hit the professional cosmeceutical market, and if you’re looking for something Australian made and owned, vegan and plant-based – this one may just be for you. This range may be particularly suited to those wanting plant-based ingredients but not a completely organic range; but rather one that contains evidence-based high-concentration actives with outstanding clinical results.

Aesthetics Rx is an Australian cosmeceutical skincare range of advanced formulations, utilising revolutionary anti-ageing ingredients based on plant cell culture and biotechnology. The brand works highly collaboratively with its team of cosmetic chemists during their formulation processes to ensure high-grade products as the finished result. Aesthetics RX chooses to produce their range in a certified organic facility – not because the products are classed as organic, but because the brand prefers this production environment because of the stringent quality assurances and processes in place. In saying this, Aesthetics RX does formulate with many natural, often organic, botanicals where suitable for supporting and strengthening the skin’s structure, but not exclusively.

The brand’s ethos is based around developing skincare that creates positive change and noticeable results, and in order to do this effectively, plant-based ingredients are combined with naturally derived biotech ingredients; ie. synthetic ingredients that have been formulated to identically resemble a plant-based origin. Ingredients from biotechnology are created safely and sustainably in a lab, and are derived from plant cells. This ensures the quality and efficacy of each product’s ingredients is consistently the highest possible standard, from renewable sources, with the least impact on the environment. Aesthetics RX also chooses bio-identical ingredients with the highest natural affinity with the skin’s own components, harnessing vitamins, minerals and substances like Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides and Squalene that are naturally present in the skin, so they can be utilised readily by skin cells to replenish and rebuild immediately without conversion processes and subsequent waste. Biomimetic ingredients are also used including peptides that mimic the structure and processes of various skin functions for maximum delivery and efficacy in supporting skin cell health. This includes additional biomimetic ingredients from plants that have an incredible ability to survive in extreme conditions, using these in formulations to provide exceptional protective properties, particularly against oxidative stress and pollution. Products are all vegan, cruelty and paraben-free, and the brand is proud to be officially accredited with Choose Cruelty-Free Australia. Products and individual ingredients have never been, and will never be, tested on animals (instead testing on consenting humans) whilst ingredients are tested on skin cell and tissue cultures.

Aesthetics RX recently launched its range for professional use, after slowly building its portfolio of consumer products over the past year. The range can now be seen in skin and laser clinics in our major cities around the country, including a large portion of SILK laser clinics plus boutique skin studios like Melbourne’s The Harley Clinic, Sydney’s CARE Clinic, and is even stocked at Darwin Private Hospital. Want to get to know the brand in a little more detail? Here are a few product spotlights:

Arguably the most important component of any range, Aesthetics RX has a solid foundation of staple actives, including A Serum Retinol Restorative, A Serum 1% Retinol Restorative, B Serum Hydrate & Volumise, C Serum 23% Radiant Firming, Ultimate Serum Brightening & Exfoliant.

Crucial for post-peel, needling, laser, or any in-clinic resurfacing treatment, Aesthetics RX has you covered with their physical Sunscreen with Zinc SPF30.

The brand keeps it super simple with just one cleanser, the Revitalising Foaming Cleanser, which is gentle enough to use on all skin types. It works to bring skin back to health instead of stripping it and to calm irritation and rebalance moisture levels without the use of sulphates and parabens. Contains Aloe Vera Juice, Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and essential oils including grapefruit, rosemary, fennel, and spearmint, for a  deeply nourished and cleansed complexion.

For your clients to maintain their results at home and increase product penetration, the Aesthetics Rx Derma Roller has 0.25mm needles and comes in a hygienic box for home storage, with clients encouraged to also pair with the brand’s 70% Isopropyl Spray for home sanitisation.

Gentle Exfoliation
Not a scrub in sight, but the brand does instead have their hero Fruit Enzyme Mask, a powerful combination of proteolytic fruit enzymes and botanical extracts (Papain, Bromelain, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Goji and more) plus Panthenol and Retinyl Palmitate. It’s applied to dry skin and there is an instant (but very gentle) peeling effect, and you will feel dead skin instantly sloughing away into satisfying balls. It can then be left on for 5-15 minutes before removing.

Overall, Aesthetics RX is a refreshingly simple range (with an equally nice minimalistic aesthetic) that is designed to work with the skin’s natural functions, to feed calm and hydrate, and to do so in a plant-derived yet results-driven way. If you’d still like to learn more, head to