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Did you know the skin absorbs around 60% of the ingredients we put onto it?

Think Dirty knows that, and has created an app to show consumers exactly how toxic their home care really is.

Users of the app simply pick up their iphone and scan the product barcode to reveal their ‘dirty’ score. The app shows three levels of scores to which a product can measure, dirty being the most toxic and carcinogenic, half n’ half containing ingredients derived from plastics and non biodegradable packaging and clean which are both safe for skin and environment.

Funcations of the app allow you to group proucts that are on your bathroom shelf at the moment, products that you have scanned and are dirrty and those that are clean.

Think Dirty website reads ‘We empower ingredient-concious consumers to choose the safest beauty and personal products!’, while at the same time hosting a selection of clean products and beauty boxes to choose from, when restocking your bathroom cupboard. An incredible app that drives the natural and organic push behind the industry.

We would love to hear more from you! Have you downloaded the app and tried it for yourself? Were you surprised to find out what products were dirty and those that were clean