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You know those products that once used you didn’t know what you were doing before it? Well, the Tan Dry Setting Powder from Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics is just that.

A blend of pink mineral clay and other absorbing ingredients, the Tan Dry Setting Powder is dusted onto freshly applied self-tan with a large kabuki brush, giving the skin a soft yet subtly dried feel to the texture.

Unlike traditional drying methods, Monica Griffin, Founder and girlboss behind the brand created the unique formula off the fact that ‘a lot of tanners had been using talcum powder to reduce sweating a spray tan off, or any transfer of tan to clothes or bed sheets! Not to mention myself, a middle aged woman who suffers hot flushes!’, which we can safely say is a must-have addition to their already existing self-tanning range.

Ensuring the product would be safe, not affect the tan application, yet still absorb the sticky feel of the solution was the part Monica was most excited about.

“Made exclusively for us, the combination of organic ingredients are naturally absorbent – sucking up excess moisture on the skin because they have been naturally sun-dried, and have a very low moisture content so the clay particles act like little sponges.”.

Tan Dry is that it doesn’t mask the colour of your tan leaving you look like a ghost, dry the skin, nor does it destroy the pigment and bronzers in the tan and if that doesn’t make you glow, Tan Dry is scented with rose oil, perfectly hiding that processed tan smell.

Apply Tan Dry 5 minutes after spray or self-tan application to areas of the body, paying particular attention to folding areas like the elbows, backs of knees, neck and bust for a faster, darker, drier tan.

Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics is stocked in reputable spray tanning centres, salons, spas and whenever you get your spray tan, or is currently taking on stockists, should you wish to add the range to your retail offering.