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There has not been many products nor treatments that could disrupt the beauty industry, that is until DMK created their infamous enzyme treatment and the beauty industry has gone wild.

If you follow HUD skin + body or The Skin Fairy Clinic on Instagram, then there’s a high chance you know what I’m talking about – that egg-white looking liquid mask which is applied to the skin, hardens and looks like a little monster is about to erupt from beneath with it’s pulsating and contracting. That, is the DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment.

To test out the treatment and see what all the fuss is about, I visited Heavenly Retreat (HR) Skin Correction Beauty Spa in Sydney and I didn’t leave for two hours!

Helen, Business Owner and Lead Therapist of HR, welcomed me to the space upon arrival and performed the consultation of a lifetime. Discussing my occupation, how I spent the majority of my days, my stress levels and major life changes, as well as exploring not only my medical history, but too my parents and family around me I was blown away with the level of detail we went into.

Why was this the consultation of a lifetime – you may ask? Because Helen positioned herself as not only a therapist in skin, but a specialist in skin and in particular, a specialist in enzyme therapy.

By detailing the consultation and educating me the entire way through, it was clear to me that I was in for some serious skin saving and she was the person who could do it. Would I trust, buy and rebook from this consultation alone – absolutely. It was that good.

That kind of consultation is what the industry needs. Rapport building, education exploring and client connection through open ended conversation – simple!

Onwards to the treatment room we go, where I am directed towards a treatment bed that isn’t a bed at all, in fact it’s similar to a barber style chair. I’m instructed to remove my top half clothing, apply the terry towelling body wrap and into the chair I sink. It’s divine. I’m not flat on my back with arms that are about to go numb, i’m actually propped up enough to support my body yet incline enough that Helen can still reach my decollete – genius.

After a conversational cleanse where Helen talked through the products she was using and why they were important for my skin, the exfoliant was applied. Feeling like little ants in high heels dancing on my skin, Helen used the pitter-patting of her fingertips to distract me from the otherwise itchy feeling.

Next, the enzyme mask. Whipping and concocting the enzyme powder with a liquid activator, Helen used a fluffy mask brush to beat the mixture until it resembled meringue, then applied it from the decollete upwards in specific movements she described which were ‘pulling the muscle bands as firm as possible for a lifting effect on the skin’. Well lift and tighten it certainly did.

Within minutes my face was hardening like a rock. Only the notion of wet cement hardening could describe this feeling accurately. Thinking the mask could not get any firmer, I couldn’t have been more wrong, as the mask stayed on my skin for a whopping total of 45 minutes, with every minute the mask became more firm.

Unique to enzyme therapy, the action of the setting is creating a ‘reverse osmosis’ action. Helen describes this as ‘back flushing, forcing fluid through the membranes around the cells, which helps to detoxify impurities which we commonly encounter on a daily basis through our diet and other environmental factors’.

Immediately after enzyme application. (Yes naughty client with phone on bed!)
Helen continues, ‘as our cells communicate with each other, the enzyme treatments helps increase cellular circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, delivering blood through the capillaries to the surface of the skin, feeding it our own unique cocktail of nutrients along the way.’.

Once my face is set and embalmed in the mask and I struggle to use my now rock hard, tightened eye muscles to even blink, Helen starts to remove the mask. Relief never felt so sweet.

Applying an array of finishing products which are layered on top of each other, from mists to serums, oils and spfs, Helen gives me a mirror and shows me ‘the capillary network’ of tiny little veins all over my face, neck and decollete.

Similar to looking at a little map, only on my skin, the capillaries have expanded and allowed for blood to move fluidly around the area treated. My skin looks brighter with less noticeable pigmentation and too my general pink hue as now been glossed over with a hydrated, radiant complexion.

SOS cannot move face, blink eyes or talk. Mid enzyme mask.

Given the immediate result of this treatment, it’s clear to me why it’s a cult favourite. The flexibility of the treatment for use across most skin conditions such as acne, ageing and responsive skin types makes it the perfect all round treatment performed for its results as well as the duration of the treatment time allows for time away from a busy schedule.

Helen recommends I return for another treatment in a months time to continue the effects of todays treatment and sends me home with product recommendations for use in my homecare.

DMK is a product which is exclusively stocked as per geographic location and is a suggested brand for beauty spaces who are predominately skin focused. An extended retail line with a synergistic approach to skin and gut health through their supplement range Regul8, truly takes an internal approach to treating external skin conditions.

This post is in no way sponsored or gifted by DMK, just a true recap of an experienced treatment for the purpose of industry education. To view more about DMK you can visit their website here.

Tamara post enzyme treatment. Large image for visual of capillary network.