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It seems someone forgot to give the environment the memo that life is stressful enough right now, let alone the impact of noxious molecules! From country sights, coastal views to concrete jungles, environmental stressors follow us wherever we go and can wreak havoc on our skin.

Daily exposure to external aggressors such as sunlight, air pollution, cigarette smoke and hot and cold temperatures are behind the oxidation of our cells, which form excess free radicals. 

As we know, free radicals begin to attack the cells in our body when there’s a surplus, preventing proper oxygenation. This leads to the likes of accelerated ageing, sensitivity, irritation, loss of suppleness, depleted tone, and texture as well as clogged pores and dehydrated skin. This decline of the skin’s immunity means that whilst the impact may not appear overnight, it will creep up quicker than expected as we age.

When it comes to tackling environmental stress and free radical damage, we regularly turn to two skin-saving superstars, SPF, and antioxidants, but hydration is also a standout hero of skin protection and one that the team at Murad Australia are incredibly passionate about.

Through daily hydration, we’re preserving our skin’s key defence barrier and supporting it to fend off these ageing and skin depleting aggressions. Maximising water reserves in the day and repairment of cells in the evening, Murad harness a multitude of hydration innovations that get our skin working harder and functioning stronger than ever.

We sat down with Katy Bacon, Sales and Education Manager for Murad APAC to learn more about their hydration heroes and the trailblazing innovations behind them.

Cumulative Hydration Release Technology

When we read that this product can begin repairing the skin’s barrier in 30-minutes, we may have had to pause writing this blog to grab our wallets. 

Murad’s Nutrient Charged Water Gel, also known as the MVP of moisturisers, not only hydrates and plumps the skin but locks in that necessary hydration to support stressed skin for up to five days.

It achieves this by harnessing Cumulative Hydration Release Technology, the result of blending 5 minerals, 5 vitamins and 5 peptides. These 15 charged nutrients instantly lock moisture into the skin’s barrier and increase its retention for up to 5 days. 

“A dime-sized amount provides enough essential hydration that your client could immediately follow with their daily SPF and makeup. It’s ideal for all skin types which means you can be supporting every client with environmental stress support with a single product”, explains Katy.

Prebiotics in skincare

A stable and balanced microbiome plays a key role in protection against environmental stressors so, when an imbalance is triggered, it can present in the form of dehydration, dryness, and sensitivity. To boost cell communication and bring that microbiome back into balance, we need probiotics. 

Allowing live probiotics to thrive more efficiently, Murad has engaged the use of prebiotics in their 4-in-1 MultiCleanser. Katy shares that whilst the gel-to-oil cleanser is removing the likes of dirt and makeup, it’s also nourishing the skin with essential prebiotics and infusing moisture up to 15 layers into the skin’s surface. 

“Think of prebiotics as fertiliser that feeds probiotics into your skin. They provide probiotics with the nutrients they need to bring that microbiome back into balance. When we pair this with deep hydration, we can create a more stable and protective environment against external stressors.”

Eat your water

Murad devotes will be familiar with Dr Murad’s four pillars of health and stance that skincare is healthcare. Embracing a “science, but not stuffy” attitude towards professional skincare, Dr Murad believes that healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body and mind. 

One of his four pillars is Eat Your Water; where Dr Murad explains that by eating a water-rich diet, we can prevent the loss of essential vitamins and minerals. When more water-rich fruits and vegetables are consumed, their structure allows water to be absorbed slower. This means that the water stays in our body longer and allows us a greater chance to reap the benefits, rather than simply chugging glass after glass. 

“Dr Murad explains that what we eat, and drink should have an acute focus on improving our cellular health. By consuming cell-building ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, and folic acid, we can support the regeneration of healthy cells”, Katy shares.

Stress-offsetting formulations

Dr Murad was the first person to identify the impact of stress on our skin, sharing that constant stress can have us looking 3.5 years older than what we actually are! Ahh, no thanks. 

Devoted to supporting the skin against stress, Murad made a commitment to researching and developing topical skincare that offset the flow-on effect stress has on the skin. 

Now, we all know how our skin responds when we’re feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. We know it so well that we should probably name it the ‘Covid Complexion’ by now. Murad is taking holistic, triple-threat skincare to a whole new level with both the Revitalixir Recovery Serum and Intense Recovery Cream acknowledging stress in the form of environmental, physiological, and psychological. 

A multitasker for both the face and eyes, the Revitalixir Recovery Serum delivers a high dose of actives with every use. Harnessing a unique spherical delivery system, each sphere features both an oil-based serum inside and a water-based outer gel. 

Tackling the need for free radical scavengers whilst relaxing the visible signs of stress is the serum’s blend of Hemp Seed Oil, Neuropeptides, Niacinamide and Caffeine. With each pump of product, the oil and water-based formulations are blended for one single stress-offsetting application. 

Murad’s latest innovation, the Intense Recovery Cream, also acknowledges skin dehydration caused by all forms of stress. Noted as their ‘most luxurious moisturiser to date’, Katy explains that when lightweight moisturisers aren’t cutting it, Intense Recovery Cream comes to the rescue. 

“Intense Recovery Cream was designed to offset the symptoms of stress, so the barrier has the opportunity to strengthen and fight off damage. Whether that stress is a result of the environment or lifestyle, we’ve seen a key reduction in the appearance of inflammation, redness and stress-induced ageing after just four weeks of use”.   

The standout ingredient behind this stress-relieving superstar is the science-backed Microalgae Extract which calms the body’s stress signals during high bouts of cortisol. This is the key contributor behind the products impressive line-reducing results as facial tension is significantly reduced. Despite a line-up of shea butter and macadamia oil, the product has been formulated to be non-comedogenic so even breakout-prone clients can help manage their stress through skincare.  


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