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In an industry where service standards are often left to the waist side, two Victoria University graduates, Brooke Mojet and Caylynn Jagga, are on a mission to replenish said standards in professional practice, one post at a time.

The duo formed during their Bachelor of Health Sciences (Dermal Therapies) study session, which was frequently held over Skype, as Brooke resides in Melbourne and Caylynn in Brisbane. “We met through our degree and were so lucky to have had each other as study partners. We decided right then and there, in the middle of studying, to create an Instagram page – we dropped our notes to create it!” Through realising the miscommunication through practice and industry, the gap and need for standards propelled them to create the now public page; The Dermal Clinician Movement.

Full time study, clinical practice and theory exams were more front of mind at the time, and the Instagram page lay dormant until their schedules were free and qualifications in hand. “We wanted something to come back to as soon as we finished (studying), as a platform we could dive into. Our goal is to raise awareness for Dermal Clinicians, as (the title) can be a grey area”.

If you’ve not seen the page (DCM), Brooke and Caylynn have structured it with an easily identifiable orange branding. Posts come in the form of information on dermal therapy, tiles of magnified skin conditions and treatment advice, with a strong representation from the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians – the representation body for registered Dermal Clinicians.

“We want to educate others on what we do and what we know, and to reach out with like-minded people in the industry for collaboration and support.”

As the industry is currently self regulated, yet governed by the ASDC, there is little clarity in the difference between terms, Dermal Therapist and Dermal Clinician, familiar to our recent blog post ‘paramedical therapist, yay or nay, with Governance of the ASDC Jennifer Hookham. Both Brooke and Caylynn want to honour and create awareness around their higher qualification, and hope that others follow along on their pathway. “Dermal Clinicians are a relatively new industry, being around for 15 – 20 years, in Australia.”

We value the knowledge and expertise in Dermal Clinicians, who have completed the bachelor level of Health Science, and want to be advocates to promote safe practice

The page has since gained traction and created constructive conversation around the study load, career pathways and title of Dermal Clinicians. Both Brooke and Caylynn are passionate clinicians and self studiers, which you can hear on the Beaute Industrie podcast episode recorded with them, and are already making industry waves through their most recent venture into Dermoscopy, examination of the skin using skin surface microscopy.

We look forward to watching Brooke and Caylynn curate their instagram page with informative tiles and stories, and wish them the best on their newly qualified industry venture.

You can find The Dermal Clinician Movement’s Instagram page here, information on the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians here and listen to our recorded podcast episode here.