Recording your podcast episode with Beaute Industrie


The recorded session with Beaute Industrie will be hosted by Founding Director, Tamara Shaw.

The session should be conversational and flow naturally.


Your Episode:

The episode will be confirmed upon discussion with Tamara and will cover a topic you feel most comfortable with talking about on air, including your industry experience and journey.
If there are topics which you would like to avoid discussing, please feel free to mention this during initial email conversations.

Your Introduction:

To introduce you as the guest, Tamara will create a short biography of your work or status as to how you came about being the ‘expert’ on the episode.This information will be taken from your personal relationship with Tamara or found on your company/brands website.


The great thing about podcasts is the fact that you can record at any time!
Often Beaute Industie pre-records episodes in advance for planning purposes.
Tamara will advise the date your episode will air – this may change due to scheduling and timing.


Beaute Industrie records via the mobile app Anchor – please download the Anchor app prior to recording.
Upon providing your best mobile contact number, you will receive a text message 15 minutes prior to the time of your scheduled meeting, reminding you of the recording.
The text message will contain a link, once you click the link, you are then in the recording session and Tamara will be on the other end of the line.

Tamara will have a short conversation with you prior to recording to make sure you are comfortable and the line is good quality.


The podcast is recorded via phone conversation. You can talk directly into your phone as normal or use your speaker phone.
Please be sure to speak naturally but clearly.
During the session, please be in a location free from noise, disruption and background sounds. Ensure other mobile devices including phones and computers are switched to silent or airplane mode.


Tamara will wrap up the podcast by asking you to share your digital/social channels and upcoming events/discount codes you may wish to provide.

Tamara will thank you for being apart of the episode, and advise when recording has stopped. Stay on the line and Tamara will direct you from here.


Beaute Industrie publishes episodes via the following podcast channels:
Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Public Radio, Spotify and Stitcher.


Beaute Industrie will share and tag you and your business with the published episode via the following social channels:
Facebook page and private group, Instagram stories and post, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


Tamara may compose a ‘PR’ article post recording that has pieces taken from the podcast episode.

This is great for use of increasing exposure for both brands and will normally be published the day after your podcast goes live on The Forum section of the Beaute Industrie website, as well as the above mentioned social media channels.


Upon airing of your podcast session, you may share via any social channels you please.

Be sure to tag Beaute Industrie in all your posts for increased exposure and reference back to the episode.