Team Development Sessions.

Everyone needs a little motivation, guidance and external point of view from time to time.​


Our remote and in space team development sessions use an experienced approach, completely unique to traditional coaching, by creating a platform for real communication, navigating client conversations, exploring the industry landscape and resetting expectations - all while boosting culture and community building within your business.

Tamara Reid, qualified business development manager, educator and communications specialist hosts light hearted, practical and approachable Team Development sessions that create awareness around providing an exceptional service to every single client, every single day.

Team Development Sessions are one-off ad hoc sessions customised to your team, with an investment of $395 + GST

(travel costs required 100kms outside all major cities or if flights are required)

Sessions run for 2 hours and travel through:

- Importance of self worth as a therapist

- The Current Industry Landscape

- Respect between Business Owners, Therapists and Clients

- Expectations of Clients and Business Owners

- How to make your bookings efficiently

- First Impressions and Presentation Standards

- Advanced Consultation Techniques

- The Importance of Educating our clients
- How to Diagnose the client's concern

- Average V Exceptional Treatments

- Retail communication strategies

- Rebooking single and package treatments

Sessions are provided 14 days additional Voxer support (walkie-talkie phone app) to clarify any conversations or methods they put into practice when returning to treat clients. Follow up with subscription of our Retail & Sales Training Program is advised.

To book your Team Development Session, please email us at to find out when we can next make magic with your team!


Kerry Freshman

Time Out For You

“Having Tamara Reid from Beaute Industrie in our space and working with us towards our goal of outstanding customer service

was exceptional.


The content that Tamara shared with us was relevant, giving us insights into what we do and can do better.

Thank you Tamara x”


Circa 1929

Tamara, I just wanted to thank you for your time that you spent with my manager and trainer in their session. Both girls found it extremely beneficial and gained a lot of insight into working with different personalities and of course the many different situations that pop up in a beauty business and the best way to approach them.

It was an incredibly worthwhile session and they both felt enthusiastic and confident that they could handle whatever situation presented itself in an informed way that would lead to the best result all round. 


We have now taken onboard the monthly training and are really looking forward to seeing how that helps our amazing team progress even further!

Cindy Roll

Amour Beauty Horsham

"We had Tamara visit our salon yesterday for team development and must say it was AMAZING!

Tamara gave us so many fabulous ideas and tips for our therapists to give the best consultation and advice to our clients, resulting in a great client experience and also increasing the productivity of our therapists.

I highly recommend you guys book in Tamara for a salon visit, she breaks things down into easy steps and presents the information from a therapist point of view."