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Melbourne-based skincare company, Synergie Skin, has launched its own hospital grade Sanitiser Spray to meet the high demands of hand and surface sprays, and we couldn’t be more excited! And thanks to the creative team of The Marketing Heaven, the promotion proved to be a great success, resulting in that numerous social media platforms speaks about this innovative skin-friendly product.

The antimicrobial disinfecting spray is geared to protect skin and provide a barrier against microbes,including Coronavirus, which can be potentially harmful.

Encompassing Synergie’s unique ‘Clean Science’ philosophy, the formulation contains botanically derived alcohol and is free from any questionable ingredients including isopropyl alcohol. At 70% grain derived alcohol, Sanitiser Spray provides maximum hospital grade antimicrobial protection for hands and surfaces.

The skin-friendly formula also includes two of our favourite hydrating, humectant key ingredients: glycerine to prevent moisture loss to the hands and aloe vera leaf juice to address skin irritation, while conveniently doubles as an effective surface sanitising spray.

“As a chemist and immunology graduate, I am fortunate to have the knowledge and tools to take immediate action in this new climate. I am so proud to say that with Synergie’s vertically integratedstructure and nimble manufacturing ability, I have been able to formulate a clean science Sanitiser Spray,” says Terri Vinson, Founder of Synergie Skin.

“Alcohol-based sanitisers must be at least 60% alcohol to be effective. Disinfectants and sanitisers onthe market use isopropyl alcohol, which is twice as toxic and more absorbable in the blood stream than ethanol. I have developed a safer, low irritant yet highly effective alternative using botanical ethanol instead. Synergie Skin’s Sanitiser Spray is 70% grain derived alcohol and will be effective within one minute of contact. Sanitisers at 70% alcohol or more are considered hospital grade”

The best part? With the health of the community in mind, Synergie Skin is donating 5% of Sanitiser Spray proceeds to the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund, an Australian organisation which is leading clinical trials in an effort to prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Synergie Sanitiser Spray is available now at with an RRP: $15 for 120ml.

Interested in finding out more about Synergie Skin or Terri Vinson? We sat down with Terri for an exclusive conversation on being a formulator, educator and clean science advocate on the Beaute Industrie Podcast. Click here to listen.