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Brand partners were surprised and delighted with a day of education and inspiration from the industry’s best with the Annual Sothys Symposium for 2019.

Starting the day with industry insight from Vanessa Main of The Loft Studio, explored four customer segments every beauty business owner needs to intrinsically understand, to service their clients beyond their expectations. Dividing clients we regularly treat into the customer profiles of time poor, stressed out, wealthy cool or niche focused, Vanessa provided discussion on translating value from pricing and quality from experience.

Gay Wardle next enlightened and educated us about the effects of pollution and commonly treated skin conditions. Reflecting on the traditional pH levels we used to learn about which have now migrating into the microbiome functionality, Gays’ session captivated the audience as she compared case studies and infographics of bacteria for diagnosis articulation, post skin analysis.

Flowing cohesively from our learnings from Gay’s session was an introduction and launch into their newest product range, Detox Energie, with none other than Sothys Australia aficionado, Sandi Daley.

Gay Wardle educating on the topic of pollution causing skin conditions
With four new products featuring in the range, the ethos of protect, detoxify and energise ran true, as we learnt of the ability for housed ingredients such as Siberian ginseng and elderberry, to not only depollute the skin, but also to host a dramatic effect on the cellular membrane permeability and mitochondria activity – 99% energy output increased in clinical trials post use to be exact!

A synergetic program, the Detox Energie range includes an Energising Serum, (our predicted cult favourite), Depolluting Youth Cream (a true Sothys staple for slow-aging), Protective Depolluting Essence (which works both on top and underneath your moisturiser as an anti-pollution barrier), Energising radiance ampoules (no Sothys homecare would be complete without ampoules) and lastly their Instant Energising Corrector – otherwise known as an EE.

Due to pollution particles being 1/100,000th in size when compared to the skin’s pores, not only topical pollution which we encounter from gases, diesel fumes, blue light and cigarette smoke, is being called out for treating both in clinic and at home, but too, pollution inhalation is now beginning to become more noticed and should be touched on during clinical consultation.

Through topical oxygenation, bacteria detoxification and a strong focus on depollution, the Detox Energie range is certainly a skin saviour every Australian client needs.

Following the educational session, a trio of Sothys brand partners were invited to the stage to share their knowledge of business in an open panel style forum. Natalie Ashton, Karla McDiarmid and Kim Hosking all expanded on staff, marketing and salon software, as well as sharing the typical highs and lows of business, which are always refreshing to note that even the most glossy of looking businesses still encounter hard times.

We were delighted to see that not only did Sothys have a robust brand partner turnout for the Symposium, but over half the room were awarded with longevity awards for stocking the brand in the milestones of 10, 20, 30+ years of service. One attendee and award recipient, Sana, reached an impressive milestone of 38 years in business, which speaks volumes of a brand which can keep such a solid partnership with their accounts.

Finishing the day on a high, brand partners celebrated their loyalty with photos, food and champagne in front of the moonlight lit docks of Sydney’s Darling Harbour.