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Congratulations! Whether you’ve enhanced your existing platform or created an online store for the very first time, you’ve taken an ultra-proactive step in ensuring your business is accessible even when your doors are closed.

So how do you drive traffic there without feeling too salesy? Rachel Medlock, Founder of

Social Media Shops

Connecting your online store to social media is a seamless way to boost product awareness.

Firstly, by having these connected, it means anyone that comes across your Facebook page is going to see that you sell products online and can begin that buying process immediately.

Secondly, having your store on social media will allow you to tag products in your post. For example, if you’re posting about the importance of wearing SPF every day, you can immediately provide a solution to your reader by tagging your SPF products in the post. They simply tap the tag and it’ll take them through to purchasing your recommendation!

Video Tutorials

Prioritising self-care during these unprecedented times should be a key message to all of our audiences and this can start with caring for our skin.

If you’ve created an at-home treatment kit for your clients, don’t forget to show them how to use it! Lead by example and take a moment to treat yourself to an at-home mini facial. Film the process and talk through the products you’re using, a simple facial massage or mindfulness tip and a call to action of how they can replicate this treatment at home.

Maximise this content by posting the video to your feeds, stories and creating a dedicated Instagram Highlight so your customers can go back and follow your instructions.

Bonus Tip: get your customers to tag you in their own at-home facial snaps to spread the word and build your content bank.

Q&A Time

From “my skin is not loving this stress…help!” to “how many sheet masks is ,too many?,”, your customers still need your expertise during this time!

Utilise your Instagram stories to host q&a sessions and provide support, insights and guidance to your entire audience. This is a brilliant opportunity to add value by showcasing your expertise to a wider audience (aka future new clients) and provide solutions via your online store.

Save these q&a sessions to a dedicated Instagram Highlight that new followers can find and that you can add to overtime.

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