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I’m generally sceptical of products that claim to be the ‘holy grail of skin secrets’ and other such language. I believe there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to the skin and achievable results, as there are variables that influence the outcome from one person to another. In saying that, after just one use, I genuinely believe it’s claim as the ‘holy grail of skin secrets’ is quite correct within the physical exfoliation category.

The Skin Silking Company first captured my eye on Instagram after seeing their before and after photos showing actual filaments of skin that the product had desquamated.

Like any review that I invest in and create partnership with, the trialling process of use for 30 days is a non-negotiable clause I disclose to companies prior to agreeing to promote the product, however this one did not need 30 days of convincing.

The first time I used the product I had a bath as the instructions said to have damp skin prior to use. Due to the nature of the mitt being a natural fibre that was originally used during Turkish Hammam treatments, which sequences includes a steam room service prior to exfoliation, which would aid by softening the superficial layer of the skin prior to exfoliation.

As the fibres are woven in a cross hatch, you’re directed to gently apply pressure to the area being treated in a backwards and forwards motion – unlike typical mitts where you are instructed to use circular movements.

Once I started the motions, you could immediately see the dead skin lifting and being exfoliated, revealing the hydrated, soft and smooth skin underneath. At the time I was on day 12 of a spray tan which was well and truly due to be removed and, dare I say it, this is the only product I have used to date that has taken of every skerrick of residual tan left on my body.

Upon getting out of the shower, I felt my skin before reaching for my moisturiser and was surprised to feel that I have not had softer skin in my lifetime! Jessica, the Founder of The Skin Silking Company emailed me days after to check in and said “I bet you cannot stop touching your skin and asking others to do the same” and this was exactly what I was doing!

Sure enough, I used the Skin Silking mitt the second time around just two weeks later, following another spray tan that desperately needed removing, and I was equally as amazed by the results.

The reason why the Skin Silking mitt is so unique over other physical mitts is the unique, handmade, vegetable silk fibres that are used. The fibres allow the skin to peel, which when translated is called Kese, the exfoliation method used during a typical Turkish Hammam treatment.

Of course, due to the nature of exfoliation the product can also be marketed towards assisting with cellulite, scarring and superficial brightening of pigmentation, however if none of those ever resulted, I am so happy with the results of the exfoliation alone, that I will definitely be investing in another in the future and gifting them to friends!

The Skin Silking Company has hit the ground with immediate high demand and as such is not yet wholesaling the item, however email Jessica and the team if that is of interest to you at and tell her we sent you.

For the time being, you can purchase the Skin Silking mitt for just $35 retail here.