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Red current, blueberry, coconut, cranberry and vanilla. Sounds like a smoothie you would order from an organic wholefoods store, yet they’re actually just some of the ingredients you’ll see making their way onto your retail shelves in 2019.

With millennials and gen x trending to be more health conscious than ever, skincare brands have jumped on the bandwagon and catered to the professional skincare market.

In 2018 we saw client demand for skincare to be cleaner, more transparent and eco-friendly, which bought the likes of the war on waste movement and clean beauty market to life.

Eminence Red Current Exfoliating Cleanser and Protective Moisturiser SPF 30+

Taking it one step further, clients are now understanding the positive link between internal health and its effect on topical skin conditions, to the point where the consumer is now self-educating on gut health, pre/probiotics and the effect on the epidermal microbiome.

This new client knowledge means our skincare brands are becoming more in tune with what clients are putting in their mouth, and are therefore promoting it to be used in their topical homecare routines, for a multifaceted approach.

Eminence Organic Skincare
is one of the original pioneers of food meets skincare, and has been operating this way since 1958. Their hero products like the Red Currant Exfoliating Cleanser and Protective Moisturiser SPF 30+ as delicious sounding as they are, are not to be taken as ‘fluffy’ skincare. The Eminence website reads, “Simply applying raw fruits and vegetables to the skin does not allow the antioxidant-rich nutrition to reach the areas of the skin that ultimately protect and prevent free radical damage.”.

Though some products do have physically crushed particles of cinnamon, currant and poppy seeds every ingredient ensures maximum benefits though utilising ‘antioxidant delivery in a liposome base’ as part of its delivery system.

A brilliant customer service exercise you might like to try would be to prepare fresh fruit, vegetable and nut arrangements for your clients as part of the post treatment experience. While your therapists are prescribing, the client can be connecting the food that they’re eating with the food-like ingredients you’ll be asking them to use as skincare over the course of their treatment plan.

We would love to hear about skin concerns you have treated with plant and food based skincare. Feel free to comment below!

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