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Whilst our woods lamps have certainly been beneficial in the past, both clinicians and clients are truly learning what’s going on beyond the skin’s surface thanks to skin analysis technology.

With an advanced skin analysis system like OBSERV 520, you not only have the power to prescribe proper skin health programs accurately and effectively – but to use it to grow your business and foster stronger, more fruitful client relationships.

The Global Beauty Group team share 3 ways OBSERV 520 is revolutionising the skin analysis experience;

Your clients are invested in their skin health journey

Tamara Shaw’s 6 facial consultation images using the OBSERV 520

Your clients are invested in their skin health journey

Instead of making a skin consultation a one-sided process where the client has to sit back and take the clinician’s word, OBSERV 520 welcomes the client into their own skin health journey. With this new skin consultation experience, clients view their skin in a whole new light, captured with high definition imagery and tools that highlight skin imbalances and irregularities at both the epidermal and dermal level. Together, the clinician and client can sit down and interactively view their skin health and devise a results-driven treatment plan.

This level of transparency, backed by solid visual evidence, immediately fosters trust in your services and expertise, as the client will appreciate participating in the process.

Kicking retail goals

The interactive process and supporting evidence of an OBSERV 520 skin consultation makes

transitioning clients from a consult to a booking almost effortless when compared to a traditional skin consultation. Why? Because clients feel a greater sense of transparency and honesty when they can see the results for themselves, and when they are encouraged to participate in the examination of their skin. The system can also be customised to display your own treatments, services and products, so an OBSERV 520 consultation always brings the client back to how your specific business can assist with rectifying the skin concerns that were brought to light. There is no hard sell — just true, visually captured skin analysis coupled with intuitive treatment and product solutions.

A detailed reveal of Tamara Shaw’s underlying pigmentation accumulation, as shown by the OBSERV 520.

Multi-level skin analysis

Unlike more traditional methods of skin analysis, OBSERV provides a far more comprehensive insight into the true state of the skin and leave little room for error.

OBSERV 520 identifies true skin health via 6 observation modes measuring signs of ageing, skin texture, inflammation and redness, pigmentation, oil flow, hydration and pore condition.

Finally, OBSERV 520 finishes with Complexion Mode which unites the results of the previous 5 exam images and highlights all epidermal and dermal imbalances in one shot.

Through this multi-level approach to illuminating different layers of the skin, a greater number of skin imbalances can be identified (that often can’t be seen with the naked eye).

With consumers more informed and eager to learn than ever before, an advanced skin consultation is the first step to phenomenal skin results. Happy clients are return clients!

A note from Tamara Shaw, Founding Director of Beaute Industrie

“When I visited a beauty space and the OBSERV 520 was part of the facial experience, it solidified my concern, making the therapists product and treatment recommendations much more tangible for me as a client, to see why the use of homecare and treatments are essential for assisting with my skin goals.”

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