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Treatments typically reserved for the face are now being used on a range of other areas to help clients address their skin concerns. We spoke with our friends and #BeautePartner The Global Beauty Group to explore how you can utilise your technology to increase the diversity of your technology and treatment menu.

Body TreatmentsThe latest Global Consumer Insights Report indicates 92% of surveyed Australian’s are considering body contouring services. With most women experiencing some form of cellulite, offering LED body services is a seamless way of diversifying your skin treatment menu.

Cellulite occurs due to one of or a combination of poor circulation (blood and lymph), lack of exercise, poor muscle tone, fluid retention and toxin storage. Perfect for fluid retention and cellulite, combining Near-Infrared LED Light Therapy and enzyme treatments work to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage. This combination effectively addresses cellulite by providing a boost in circulation – which results in oxygenation of tissues, strengthening and creating the optimal environment for collagen production.

Tip: During consultation, let your client know that the facial treatments they’re currently having can also be used on other areas of the body!

Back FacialsThe back, along with the face, has a large number of oil glands, leaving it prone to breakout activity due to oil and sweat. Stand out from your competitors by becoming the go-to for Bacne solutions.

IPL Machines can assist with acne management by working to reduce inflamed acne on the neck, chest and back; perfect for those that suffer from bodily breakouts. It is also a fantastic option for those who suffer from inflamed ingrown hairs or folliculitis. Clients can have 2 treatments a week and there is no downtime associated!

Tip: When speaking with clients concerned with acne, ask them about their body too! Often facial acne can be the most obvious area to treat, however the back, chest and behind the neck are too areas to focus on!

Carbon Treatments also work to exfoliate, deep clean and improve both post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring. A layer of medical-grade carbon is applied to the skin and is absorbed by the pores and adheres to dead and dry skin cells. It is then blasted off using a 1064nm q-switched laser, taking away dead epidermal cells, contaminants and oil with it. Any areas of congestion, the build-up of skin, excess oil and uneven skin are immediately improved – giving it the nickname ‘China Doll’ Facial.

Hand RenewalThey say hands give away a woman’s age. Not anymore!

Why not offer your clients a facial for the hands? Treatments can include anything from exfoliation, application of serums, hand masks to boost hydration, all the way to using a Radio Frequency skin tightening machine for crepey hand skin and IPL pigmentation removal for unwanted sunspots.

The best thing about hand renewal treatments is they are quick and can be provided during other services such as LED, fat freezing or during the mask portion of a facial.

Tip: Have these treatments as an add on or upgrade menu item offered with manicure treatments.

The Global Beauty Group are constantly pushing the creative envelope when it comes to combination of treatments and additional modalities, which we love to see! So get creative and customise your clients treatments!