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Are you a skin or laser clinic? If so, did you know that some aesthetic treatments may alter clues in the skin that are used to identify melanoma and other skin cancers? It’s for this very reason that Skin Smart Australia are offering onsite skin checks and mole maps nationwide. We spoke with CEO, Jane Homberger to find out how the professional beauty industry can help.
Established in 2011, Skin Smart Australia launched into the dermal-medical field by offering on-site corporate skin cancer screening throughout Australia. “There was a demand for qualified professionals to perform full body skin cancer assessments to individuals within the workplace, who would not otherwise have the time nor inclination to have their skin checked”, says Jane.
With a mission to advocate for client safety, the last 9 years have seen Skin Smart Australia become well recognised as the leading provider of skin cancer screening throughout Australia. A national team of almost 40 dermatoscopists located across Australia, makes it possible for clinicians to offer their services to inner cities and the even remote regions in Australia. 
Noticing the increase of client demand for the service, combined with the abundance of laser skin and hair removal clinics on the rise, Jane and the Skin Smart Australia team are forging a relationship within both medical/GP clinics and cosmetic dermal clinics, providing clients with a pre laser skin check, knowing that they have clarity and peace of mind before being treated.
Why the importance of checking the skin prior to laser treatments? Well, Jane explains; “We all have a duty of care to our clients prior to providing any service, and the beauty industry is not exempt. By offering an in-house skin screening service, the dermal clinician and client can be satisfied that the client has no malignancies that could possibly be overlooked during a laser treatment. It is unfortunately common that suspicious lesions are disguised by the use of laser technology, which can mean future life threatening repercussions. Although these lesions appear to have been removed on the surface of the skin, malignant cells will remain in the deeper skin layers, giving an opportunity to the mutated skin cells to travel throughout the bloodstream and beyond. This can cause secondary skin cancers, also known as a metastasis.”.

,”We all have a duty of care to our clients prior to providing any service, and the beauty industry is not exempt!”

In terms of the relationship, Skin Smart Australia provides a seamless, full service to the clinic and clients, from developing a professional marketing kit (including social media resources), all the way through to the booking process and even takes care of the point of sale! Allowing for a fuss free and accessible service prevents clients going elsewhere for their skin checks, as well as having clients see the process as ‘too hard’. This in turn, enables therapists to perform laser based skin treatments with certainty of safety knowing client due diligence has been carried out.
Having an in-house skin cancer screening provided by Australia’s leading onsite skin checks, gives your clients an opportunity to have their skin assessed in your location, prior to their aesthetic treatments. With three different levels of checks, clients can rest and relax knowing their treatment has been approved by only the highest qualified dermatoscopists in a matter of minutes, complete with photographs and notes dated for further investigation with a doctor of choice should there be need.
To speak to Jane or the team at Skin Smart Australia about booking a date in your space, visit Skin Smart Australia for more information. #BeautePartner