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After a 7 year hiatus from the Aussie market, professional range Sircuit Skin has returned to our shores. We know that as a savvy member of the industry you’re always dying to know what’s out there in the ever-competitive world of cosmeceutical skincare, so let’s shine a spotlight on this exciting and well-established name.

InMed Aesthetics are now the proud distributors of Sircuit Skin here in Australia, and stocking the brand was an easy decision for owners Jeff and Ally Gibson, who had used the range previously and were still yet to find anything that replaced the results they achieved in their clients’ skin. Originating from the US, the brand was established in 2002, and has been pioneering evidence-based cosmeceuticals ever since. Here in Australia, unlike the US, the range is 100% professional only, with no direct to consumer channels whatsoever. All sales enquiries are referred back to the enquirer’s nearest stocking clinic, so that they can facilitate a professional prescription, based off in-person consultation. Stockists can also opt to retail online through a password protected website.

Now, after a complete reformulation, Sircuit Skin has returned to our shores new and improved, using improved and sustainable ingredients and introducing us to some never-before-seen concoctions. Here are some other key points you may be interested to know…

No More Label Confusion
One of our favourite things about Sircuit is (like us here at Beaute) their no BS policy – the brand prides itself on a strong commitment to transparency when it comes to their ingredients, and proudly lists every one of them on each label. They have designed their product information to be easily accessible and understandable for consumers, and create only truthful marketing campaigns that empower practitioners and clients alike with knowledge on what’s in every formula.

Knowing What Works
Sircuit places research and development in extremely high regard. They want to know what really works and why, so they can pass real results onto their users. Formulas utilise the latest clinical data and breakthroughs in skin science and cosmetic chemistry, and only medical-grade ingredients with a 99.9% level of purity make the cut.

Earth Conscious
Not only do we love environmentally friendly brands, but from what we hear, clients are also asking more and more questions about whether the brands you stock are taking on any earth-loving initiatives of their own. Clients are curious to learn whether they can recycle the packaging, how sustainable the ingredients are, or what the organisation is doing to give back by treading lightly. Suircuit Skin’s packaging is not only biodegradable, but their product ingredients have only been selected if they are sustainable and have been sourced ethically via way of farming and production.

Being free from nasties and harmful additives; like parabens or detergents, is another area in which progressively-minded clients are regularly asking of their skincare brands. Since its inception in 2002 Sircuit has always been paraben-free. They are also free from sulfates, artificial colours and artificial fragrances, all of which have been studied as possible carcinogens, hormone disruptors, or skin irritants at the very least. Did we also mention they’re cruelty-free for our animal-loving businesses and clients?!

The extensive Sircuit Skin line addresses multiple concerns and caters to those with sensitive to problematic skins, including cleansers, gentle peels, moisturisers, highly concentrated actives, sleep treatments and eye solutions. In-clinic, the brand offers two key professional protocols that sound good enough to eat: ‘Smart Peel’ or ‘Ultimate Age Recovery Signature Treatment’, offering combinations of cleanses, gentle cranberry enzyme peel, your choice of four concentrated treatment peels (from chocolate lactic to vermouth salicylic) hydrating mask, massage, lip treatment, eye treatment and mist. Sensory delights by way of touch, smell and texture highlight the treatment experience to achieve a divine balance between results-based and relaxation-inducing.

So if you would describe yourself as a high-end salon or skin clinic whose clients seek visible and robust results with added earth-conscious ethics and business practices and are on the lookout for a new professional range, why not have a chat to our tried-and-tested #BeautePartner Sircuit Skin by visiting