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Finally the year is almost over, but before we can ring in 2021, we just have to get ourselves through the monster that is December. We hope that most of you are already experiencing full appointment schedules and an upturn in gifts and voucher purchases, but before the mania really begins, we thought we would take the opportunity to share a few helpful ideas.

Even for beauty therapists and practitioners who aren’t natural-born retailers, Christmas presents so many more opportunities for easier upsells than any other time of year. So we’ve put together some scripts for your team to have on hand over the next few weeks in order to bump up client spend in-clinic. These are the most common scenarios and how to get the most from them this month:

Client approaches for gift voucher purchase
Client: I’m looking to buy a gift voucher today but I’m not sure what I’m after.
Therapist: No trouble at all, you’re in the right place! We have two different options for you to choose from; a monetary voucher where you nominate a specific dollar amount to place onto the voucher or a treatment voucher where you choose a specific treatment to gift them. Our vouchers start at $25 for KrisKringle presents and stocking fillers, so they’re perfect for colleges, kids teachers or friends and go all the way up to $500 for loved ones or even a little gift for yourself!

NB: This encourages the client to increase their spend size and also encourages them to consider purchasing additional gifts for people they might not have thought about yet.

Conversation at the retail shelves or post prescription
Therapist: In regards to your cleanser, there are also a few different gift packs and bundles which that cleanser comes in by which you get (insert other products in said bundle ie. an exfoliant and a mask too!) if you wanted to gift yourself a little something extra, or we also have some really adorable and affordable options for KK presents and stocking fillers!

NB: This entices clients to increase the products they are currently using, helps move your gift packs from the shelves and also encourages larger average spends with gift adding options.

General conversation during waxing, brow, nail or facial treatment.
Therapist: How have you been travelling along with your Christmas shopping so far – nearly finished?
Client: Oh, it’s just a nightmare since the shops have opened back up again – there are cues for days, you wouldn’t believe it! I wish someone could do the Christmas shopping for me!
Therapist: Well, remember that we have loads of gifting options and vouchers too if you want to dodge the busy shopping centres and tick things off your list!

NB: This starts the conversation with clients and encourages them to consider spending small and shopping locally with you – plus maximises your conversation to conversions!

Post-treatment conversation
Therapist: How are you feeling after your treatment today?
Client: ahhhh-mazing, thank you!
Therapist: Brilliant! So in regards to your treatment, remember what we talked about in keeping up that routine at home and being mindful of what you’re putting into your skin/body and remember we do provide all treatments as gift vouchers too if you wanted to gift this treatment to a friend or family member for Christmas!

NB: This opens up the conversation for current clients (your ideal clients!) to bring a friend (hello more ideal clients!) and introduces new clients on to your books. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Remember to be yourself when using these scripts on your clients. Inject your personality, use your rapport and feel free to swap out any of our words that feel sticky for you, with words that you would naturally use in conversation.

We wish everyone throughout the community a smooth-running, healthy, happy and prosperous December, and if you’re in need of some more tips to get you through the craziness, be sure to check our December digital mag – launching Nov 30th!