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It’s minimal, functional and whimsical and it’s on trend for styling your business.

What is Scandinavian style and how do you achieve it? You may think this is the first time you’re hearing about Nordic, Scandinavian style?Think again! Furniture king IKEA has been Australia’s introduction to Scandi style since 1975 with their first store in Sydney.

Kivik. Hemnes and Ektorp. Even if you aren’t sure what these funny-sounding words mean, they’re probably familiar to you, because they’re the names of sofas and bookshelves from IKEA, all named after Northern towns in Europe as a nod to it’s Nordic heritage.

The likes of HUD Skin + Body, Belinda Hughes and even endota spa have taken a leaf out of the scandi interior pages in their recent spa fit outs. Natural tones meet wooden accents with pops of industrial metals and textures of fur draped over arm chairs, all with the ability to hide professional products from the clients eye and make you feel at home.

We spoke with Gry Tomte, Founder of HUD Skin + Body and Norwegian herself, on this weeks Beaute Industrie podcast episode about how she blended the style into her clinical space. “It had to be a homage to my hometown, it had to be Nordic, it had to be Scandinavian – everything you see is very Scandi!”

Reminding Gry of a Nordic living room, she has incorporated photos of her parents on top of fireplaces and has hung living indoor plants from the ceilings.

How does one achieve a Scandinavian interior you ask Follow these few steps to redesign your day spa interior – (all links take through to Pinterest for inspiration)

1. Lagom pieces – meaning not too little not too much, AKA, balance.

Find pieces that catch the eye but don’t distract from the overall balance of the room you’re styling.

2. Neutral tones – these start the relaxation process and are a haven away from the outside word before the treatment starts.

3. Bold colour accents – don’t be afraid to have a mustard yellow cushion or aqua coloured rug to accentuate your natural tones.

4. Worn leather – welcoming arm chairs with a wool thrown over the back says ‘we value our clients comfort’, without looking rustic or cliché.

5. Touches of nature – indoor plants, décor branches and feather touches are the way to go. Bring nature inside to feel the presence of the outdoors without leaving the spa.

6. Grey walls – lighter than black but still bold against white. Clinical, comforting and won’t show up those post massage finger prints!

7. Wooden features – try free standing shelving for your product display and small wooden stools as places for clients to store their belongings on.

8. Monochrome art – everything black and white. Layers of photos, one line drawings and books upon books are very scandi. We love a Megan Hess read ontop of Tom Ford for statement fashion pieces.

Once styling your spa or clinic give it that ‘lived in’ feel. The brilliance of the Scandinavian trend encompasses a feeling of warm and cosy to it, more than just pieces of furniture placed in a room. It’s more of a feel or lifestyle than a passing trend in design.