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A two day weekend held on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast saw 22 of the hair and beauty industry’s biggest names come together to ignite and inspire business owners.

The crowd laughed, cried, hugged and danced as moving moments and memories were created. Here are some of the most inspirational moments we loved at SALONGROWTHCON.

1. “No one is thinking about you, but you.” – Amanda Gore If you managed to catch any of the Instagram stories of Day 1 at SGC, chances are you would have seen a blonde lady on stage with big yellow novelty glasses, dancing like her life depended on it. This is Amanda Gore.

Amanda, an international speaker and motivator with an NLP major, shared with us the beliefs, limits and stories we tell ourselves which inhibit our thinking, put simply – everyone’s too busy thinking about themselves, to worry about you! Enough of the stories, just do and be who you truly are, then you will find your joy.

2. “Pre-book your clients from now until Christmas.” – Brigitte BengeSimple and effective advice from Brigitte, the high performance industry coach. We all know to pre-book our Christmas colour and cut 6 months in advance, so why are we not taking this same advice into our own beauty businesses?

Instead of correcting client skin concerns every appointment, let’s train our team to book our clients for routine maintenance treatments to assist them during the silly season, assisting your books at the same time!

3. “The hair and beauty industry holds the top 3 complaints from the Fair Work Ombudsman.” – Sandy Chong If that quote doesn’t scare you enough, Sandy mentions that the majority of these complaints are based on the types of services we are providing. The CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council confirms, having a thorough understanding of your customer experience, your therapists career pathways and your journey as a leader will see these complaints move away from our industry.

4. “If you do not focus and narrow your energy within your business – then you will be overwhelmed!” – Elle and Toby WilsonImagine a 60 minute, fully booked, intimate round table session, with wait line out the front and 30 business owners in one space, and you have the crux of Elle and Toby’s session. Brow and business specialists themselves, Elle and Toby teach about being a specialist in your trade, rather than being a generalist.

This lesson allows you to laser focus your energy, your time and lower your overheads, creating the ultimate pathway to business success.

5. “No one can do what you do because, you’re you.” – Tabatha CoffeyMagical. Tabatha returned to her home and career beginnings on the Gold Coast to share with us this powerful message. Competition, setbacks and the haters are something Tabatha says she ‘feeds no energy to’, not because she doesn’t care, but because she doesn’t mind who they are or what they think.

Tabatha strongly understands her power, her message and her mission, and knows no one can compete with that because she is the very best version of herself, which cannot be replicated.

6. “Set intentions as if they’ve already happened.” – Rebecca MillerShe burst onto the stage ready to inspire, made us get out of our seats as she danced down through the crowd like Australia’s version of Ellen Degeneres, and left us with chills as she talked about the passion she has for her team and gave us an insight into the planning process she uses quarterly at La Bella Medispa. Rebecca speaks about overcoming fears, visions, goals and intentions that are believable and achievable for all levels of the business.

7. “Be kind to yourself, but don’t give yourself excuses.” – Amanda Hodgson Another instagrammable moment you may have caught across your feed is when Amanda had 800 attendees exercising to her command in the positions of cross body punches, squats and deep breathing. A hard hitting session on the lies we tell ourselves, Amanda takes a look at genuine selfcare versus the fibs we create to get out of being accountable for our physical and mental health. #bebetter

8. “The fish rots from the head down.” – Caitlyn MenzelA pocket rocket in a metallic jumpsuit speaks with confidence and experience when she steps onstage, whipping business owners into line about creating policies and procedures for your staff. A motorbike accident which caused Caitlyn to take 7 months off her business, found her searching for answers and brought to life how her absence impacted the team. When this realisation happened, Caitlyn returned back to business with a new lease on life and leadership and shared the lesson that you are the head of the fish.

9. “You just have to start.” – Billy RickmanWhen Billy Rickman steps on stage the room fills with electric energy.

He’s the founder of Billy Rickman Coaching and SALONGROWTHCON, captivating, motivational and raw – all at the same time. Billy shares his personal story of success in the beauty industry and in a refreshing light, he also shares the struggles that have come along the way. Understanding the overwhelm business can create, he gives us simple hope to just start, no matter how far away from the starting gate you might feel you are, you just have to take that first step and start.

Taking his own advice, this was the first conference of it’s kind in the beauty and hair industry, and with that mentality in mind, he just started. Started bringing 22 of the industry’s most influential speakers together, started inspiring business owners and started something that will now carry on for years to come.

10. Read books You’ll notice this point isn’t a quote by someone that spoke over the weekend. It is however strong advice we gauged from every speaker in their own right. Almost every speaker on the SALONGROWTHCON stage quoted and referenced writers, influential speakers and people in big business.

Reading, listening to podcasts, sitting in on webinars and attending events all open your mind to others experiences and give you fresh perspective on your journey which you otherwise may not have had the chance to learn nor experience yourself.

That wraps up the 2019 Salon Growth Con, a fabulous 2 day event, held on the Gold Coast for the hair and beauty industry. Get ready for SALONGROWTHCON 2020 and purchase your tickets here:

Until next time, stay connected.

Tabatha Coffey on stage at Salon Growth Con 2019