Therapist Onboarding Template


If you’re onboarding therapists into your business post successful interview process and are looking for a simple way to streamline your onboarding and induction then look no further!

This all in one Therapist Onboarding Template provides you with 27 pages in an easy to use, downloadable template which includes elements of checklists, schedules, forms and so much more.

Sections included:

  • Business Room Schedule
  • Hours of Business Operations
  • Pay Periods
  • Services performed
  • Brand Story
  • Values, Mission & Vision
  • Meet the Founders
  • Chosen Charities
  • Employee Code of Conduct (7 clauses of professionalism, teamwork, confidentiality, consultation records, uniform presentation, the efficiency of services, work diaries, policies and procedures)
  • Property Schedule
  • Client Care & Procedures
  • Client Connection
  • Room Ambiance
  • Arrival/Greeting Procedure

Forms included:

  • Employee agreement
  • Job description
  • Schedule of availability
  • Team Member Information
  • Medical History Form
  • Annual leave and long service leave application form
  • Work Health & Safety Incident Report
  • Bank details agreement and superannuation details
  • Benefits and incentives 
  • Training timetable

Suggested ways to use:
– Provide to your team member during the first induction shift
– Use as your prompter to run an orderly induction program
– Keep as records for staff onboarding procedures
– Use as a benchmark for KPI reviews


A must-have for every beauty business owner!

What you'll get:

  • 27 page downloadable template
  • Forms on employee agreement, therapist details, medical history, staff leave notices and so much more
  • Drag & Drop, completely customisable to your brand
  • This is a blank template with guidance to completion