Rockstar Spa: Spa Leadership Guide


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The word ‘spa’ has many meanings. It is seen as an acronym for salus per aqua, in Latin meaning ‘healing through water’. The original use of a spa was as a thermal bath or spring, where mineral-rich spring water was used for its medicinal properties. Another theory is that the term ‘spa’ comes from the town of Spa in Belgium, where water treatments are popular.

From bath towns in Roman times to the destination spas we are familiar with today, the concept of a spa is to heal or improve one’s lifestyle in a relaxing and recreational setting. Wherever they are located, spas have always been recognised as a sacred place of healing.

From what was a slow evolution as it wasn’t seen as vital, the spa concept now is a multi-billon-dollar industry incorporating various techniques. Spa Therapists are able to utilise up-to-date training and treatments to enhance their offerings for results-conscious consumers.

Spa Managers should be excited about the possibilities of the evolution of the spa industry and how we can influence change and growth within our spa, ultimately allowing consumers to infuse spa life into their lifestyle.

The chapters of this book act as a guide to an overall plan of action to build and maintain your own RockStar Spa. It is designed to be dog-eared, jotted on and marked with your own maps and plans through its pages.

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