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Ever dreamed of owning your own skincare range? Well with help from Private Label Skincare, this dream can become a reality in just a matter of days – without the stress, mess, crazy hours or big upfront investments!

Local Gold Coast business, Private Label Skincare, is currently helping aspiring brands and beauty business owners create their own natural and ethical skincare range, free from the hefty price tag, formulator jargon or large order quantities – without compromising on professional ingredients, natural solutions or client demands like vegan and animal friendly skincare products!

Owner of Private Label Skincare and valued #BeautePartner Caynya Khan, started her own skin care brand in 2008 and learnt the hard way about building a brand from scratch, marketing said brand and establishing a loyal clientele. “It got to the point where I was up until 3am most nights either mixing and filling products, labelling, sterilising equipment, replying to emails or boxing up orders. It was exhausting and I was no longer having fun the way I thought I would.”, says Caryna.

So, Caryna looked into how she could make the process more simple and decided she needed to outsource her manufacturing so she could keep up with demand, however soon that turned into work of its own. “Australian companies were way too expensive at the time, and I couldn’t order the kind of quantities they were after. I eventually had to go offshore, even though it went against my values.”

Caryna continues, “While cheaper, the minimum order quantities were still very high and I was ordering 5000- 10,000 units per product at a time, with a retail line of 20 different SKUs. In the end, I had tens of thousands of products that went past their “used by” date before I could sell them, and they had to be thrown away. It was incredibly painful and stressful and during this time I found myself thinking, “there must be a better way”.

Caryna went back to her roots and started formulating again, this time with a new vision of helping other business owners and therapists do the same via private labelling. While contract manufacturing and formulation often has quite an expensive price tag attached, Private labelling makes starting a skincare brand reality for most people. Benefits of PL include startup with less financial risk and minimal investment – aspiring brands can start their own range in well under $1000 with the help of Private Label Skincare.

“Apart from my kids and husband, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to have a client tell me that she hit her first money milestone by selling our products, or that she’s been able to quit her day job, work in her skincare business full time and spend more time with her family. It means everything!” – Caryna.

If you love marketing, sales and customer service, but don’t have the knowledge or time to physically make the products and don’t want the huge expense or delayed time frame involved in getting your own custom formulas, you’re the perfect brand to partner with Private Skincare label. Think of them as your skin care making fairy godmothers, whipping up your products behind the scenes while you relax and focus your energy on spreading the word and building your brand.

Looking to fulfill that dream of having your own skincare range just became possible with Private Label Skincares’ $500 Startup Package, which includes everything you need to get your skincare brand off the ground with products that are ready to sell, in just 2 weeks!

The Startup Package includes:

  • 30 retail sized products that have been formulated and tested by Caryna, the founder and qualified Cosmetic Chemist behind PLSC
  • 2 online courses that have been written specifically to support skincare business owners
  • Label templates and printing
  • A Training Manual, and
  • Free P&H within Australia.

In terms of the range there are over 40 skincare products that you can choose from and label as your own. In addition to this, Private Label Skincare offers numerous education courses such as branding, writing and marketing to help you succeed. “It’s not just our mission to help as many women start skincare brands as possible, it’s our mission to give them all the knowledge and support they need to build a successful and sustainable business. At the moment we have 4 courses on offer that teach people how to run a skincare business, market their products and write compelling copy and we have another that will be released over the next month or so.”

If you’re wanting to shake up your business in 2020 and kickstart your retail and marketing career you better be quick as this offer will only run until Tuesday 29 April! So, if you’re looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to start your own skincare range, now is the chance! Click here to get started!

This piece was written in collaboration with Private Label Skincare, after trialling the Private Label Skincare products and falling deeply in love with them and the philosophy behind the brand – and of course Caryna!