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Originally known as The Anti-Ageing Authority, new look Priori Skin DeCoded products have been launched to provide a more youthful market positioning, as well as meeting consumer demands.

“We had to change the pitch of Priori, we are bringing it into the modern day, to decode the skin, making (the skin) work as it should.” says Tracey May- Harriott, celebrity facialist and Brand Ambassador.

Minimal SKU’s and monochrome packaging make the range cohesive and gender neutral whilst housing skin mimicking ingredients with technology driven results.

“Priori now appeals to the wider target market – including the selfie generation!” says May-Harriot.

Utilising a sequence of intelligent ingredients, known as skin complexes, the use of combined CoQ10 and SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) can be found in their Q+SOD fx120 Active Cleanser and Q+SOD fx240 Moisturizing Crème, while 6 raw ingredients create a botanical complex suspended in their loose foundation base, Minerals fx 351 to 355 Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

What do all the numbers and letters stand for on the packaging? May-Harriott tells us they translate to “Intelligent ingredients, bio-technology and real time results. We have produced clinical ingredients (as noted in the numerical name of the product) with the allowance of naturals – to accommodate all clients and their adaptive skin.”

When using the product, you are instantly reminded of the dense, nourishing properties Priori is so well known for, along with (depending on the product of choice) a slight feeling of activity from the intensity of the active ingredient can also be felt, lactic acid as one example.

The Priori range is housed under the True Solutions family and is currently accepting new stockists across salon, spa and clinic.

To learn more about the range or to speak with a brand representative, please contact Mia Cassin.