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Attention salon, spa and clinic owners! This is the year that you don’t leave your Mother’s Day marketing until the week prior. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and your promotional planning and preparation should be well underway.

Not only is Mother’s Day a day for spoiling our hardworking Mums but it’s a time of the year where your business can seriously boost retail sales, see gift vouchers skyrocket and pampering packages run out the door. If you haven’t planned your Mother’s Day promotions yet, don’t panic! Our ultimate guide to Mother’s Day marketing is here to give you a profit-packed action plan.

Don’t just rely on your socials

When it comes to promoting Mother’s Day offerings, or any promotion for that matter, business owners often rely on purely social media to spread the word. As we know, social media doesn’t actively share our updates with everyone on our follower’s list so by solely relying on it, the scope of people learning about the promotion is really quite limited.

Whilst social media should be an active part of your Mother’s Day promotional strategy, don’t let it be the only channel you’re communicating on. Maximise your existing database to communicate more directly with your clientele. People on your existing email database already know and trust your business so they’re more likely to open your emails promoting Mother’s Day offerings. This already puts you ahead of the game when ensuring it’s your business they’re spending their money at.

A series of emails scheduled to remind your database that Mother’s Day is approaching keeps your business in the forefront of their mind when they visit their inbox. If you have an online store established, you can make the purchasing process incredibly seamless by linking the retail gift packs, special offers and gift vouchers you have on offer in the email so all they need to do is click, purchase and voila! Mother’s Day sorted. The simpler you can make the process, the higher your conversion rate will be.

If you’re looking for a marketing tool with one of the highest open rates, look no further than text message marketing. We’re all glued to our phones the majority of the day so receiving a reminder about Mother’s Day via text is likely to be read. Similarly, to your email strategy, offer your database a fast solution to their Mother’s Day shopping by including a strong, easily identifiable call to action. This could be a link to a shop page that features all of your Mother’s Day offerings, a link for gift voucher purchases or contact information to complete their purchases. Text message marketing is often 150 characters or less so ensure you’re getting straight to the point and letting your promotions shine.

Don’t forget about the guys!

This is where going offline for a moment really pays off when boosting Mother’s Day sales. Something we often forget when marketing Mother’s Day offerings are that on top of our existing database, we have a whole market of husbands and sons shopping for their special lady. It is unlikely that this market is on our existing databases and are feeling bombarded by promotions so it’s up to us to break through that noise and give them a seamless solution.  

To catch their eye when travelling past your business, ensure you have signage in your window or retail display that’s clearly and enticingly promoting your Mother’s Day offerings. To make this a seamless process for men shopping for their Mum or wife, provide three choices to suit differing budgets. This is a great strategy if your focus is on retail sales and package purchases. Your first is an entry-level retail gift such as a mask or foot soak, then a moderate-priced gift such as a voucher or retail bundle and finally a higher-priced gift such as a treatment package or hamper. As easy as 1, 2 or 3, everyone is a winner when simplifying the process and adding exceptional value at any budget. 

Leaving communication such as a flyer on the day-care notice board, gym entrance, local footy club notice board or even nearby cafes, allows you to connect with this audience, as well as others that aren’t currently on your database. They’re also unexpected places to be reminded about Mother’s Day which allows your business to stand out in their minds when grabbing that last-minute gift.

Your gift voucher strategy

If we’ve learnt anything from Mother’s Day in 2020 it’s that the gift voucher still holds a prominent place in our marketing strategy. Gift vouchers give you a boost in cash flow whilst welcoming new clients to your business. Each gift voucher client is a new opportunity to transition into a long-term client through considered consultation, recommendations and re-booking.

In a recent Facebook live with Salon Marketing Creative Agency (SMC), Founder Vanessa McDonald shared with us that monetary gift vouchers outperform vouchers for particular services as they give the recipient the flexibility, they want from their booking experience. This is fantastic insight ahead of Mother’s Day to remind us that sometimes sticking to more simple concepts pay off in our favour.

By promoting monetary gift vouchers, you as the business owner also have the flexibility to offer enticing promotions and upgrades to gift voucher sales to encourage shoppers to spend more. Ways to incentivise gift voucher sales include:

  •   Spend and reward structures such as “purchase a $100 gift voucher and receive a $25 voucher for yourself”
  •   2-for-1gift voucher offers to promote Mother and Daughter treatments (and bonus re-booking opportunities for you and your team)
  •   A bonus product included with the purchase of a gift voucher over a certain dollar amount
  •   Added value structures such as “purchase $150, get $200”

Boost social media engagement

Simultaneously boost your social media engagement and attract a wider audience to your Mother’s Day offerings with a social media competition. The week leading up to Mother’s Day, launch a competition across your social media channels that encourages your audience to take action to win a treatment or retail bundle.   

A competition that encourages users to comment on how they’re planning on spoiling their Mum this Mother’s Day and share the post to their feeds immediately widens the circle of people that are exposed to your business. Particularly on Facebook, when a post is shared by a user, all of their friends and family are able to see that. Whether they go on to participate in your competition or not, they may click onto your page and explore what you have on offer.

After launching the competition, don’t ignore your audience! Ensure you’re reacting and commenting on each entry to continue building that connection whilst sharing your promotions and offers as posts and stories throughout the competition length. Even if they don’t win, you’ve just made it easier than ever for them to purchase their Mum a gift.

With social media competitions, businesses find their audience grows throughout the competition length so once it has ended, ensure you’re regularly showing up and adding value online to begin that nurture sequence and keep your new followers on your page.

Have your campaign designed for you!

Whatever your Mother’s Day marketing goals are, we’re excited to share with you a brilliant head start designed by Salon Marketing Creative Agency. The team at SMC have designed seven incredible marketing campaigns, specifically for Mother’s Day, to make planning and implementing promotions this year incredibly easy.

Designed in Canva, you’ll enjoy access to a 14-piece set of marketing resources including social media templates, website banners and email marketing templates that you can add your logo, branding and imagery to with a simple drag and drop.

If having your strategy pre-designed, awaiting your Canva creativity sounds right up your alley then SMC has you covered with pre-made Mothers Day sets to take the work out of it for you. Take a look here. We’re thrilled to share with you an exclusive Beaute Industrie saving of 40% when you use the code SMCMDAY40 at checkout.

Team Beaute would absolutely love to see our community put their Mother’s Day planning into action. Tag @beauteindustrie in your upcoming Mother’s Day promotions so we can see what you’ve created!