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Heard the phrase ‘these are unprecedented times’ enough to last a lifetime? Let’s take a moment to consider what those words actually mean. Clients are unpredictable, the state of the world is unpredictable, and this means business is unpredictable. You likely experienced a huge rush of clients upon your reopening after forced COVID-19 closures, and if you are currently based in Victoria, we hope that you experience this success once again when you reopen for a second time. But we need to look beyond that, and plan long-term as well as short-term. Your salon software could potentially play a huge role in ensuring the continued long-term success of your spa, salon or clinic.

This week, #BeautePartner Phorest Salon Software is here to help guide you through some steps to success. Join Phorest founder & CEO Ronan Perceval on Wednesday, August 12th at 6pm AEST to learn all about Phorest and the practical solutions on offer during lockdown and reopening, as well as the new Phorest features about to launch that will considerably lighten your load when it comes to cancellations, waitlists, additional consultations and other COVID-safe protocols. A rare treat for Australian audiences, Ronan will be streaming live to your salon, office or living room all the way from his home in Ireland.

Exciting new Phorest functions and features include:
– Client waitlists for cancellations
– COVID-specific filters, including finding clients who were cancelled during closure periods
– Digital records as per COVID-safe plans
– Pre-sending client consultation forms
– Social distancing notifications
– Split rostering shifts for therapists
– Online store and gift voucher function
– Pre-designed marketing campaigns

The virtual event will take place via Facebook live – click here to sign up for a reminder before the event begins.


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