If I ask you what your relationship is with money, how does that make you feel?

Does it make you feel ichy and uneasy, confident and proud or guilty and shameful? Well today my guest is Jessica Giles of Chic Money and she’s going to give us some insights around why we feel the way we do about money.

Jessica is a mum and a qualified accountant turned money specialist who helps business owners understand, re-write and take ownership of their money story bringing abundance and putting values into the lives we live.

Jess and I get real about why we under value ourselves, explore why women feel less confident about money than men and too share some of our own honest stories about how money makes us feel.

It’s not easy talking about money in many circumstances or friendship circles, so if you’re one who feels awkward or doesn’t feel comfortable around having a conversation about money with the people around you, then you can sit safely knowing this honest conversation is just between you, jess and I.

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