Marnina Diprose from Derm Health Co is my guest today for the topic of lymphatic education.

Working alongside Marni and having her feature as a guest speaker at our Melbourne Brunch event back in March 2019, I’ve heard Marni speak about the mechanics of the lymphatic system and knew how much you would all love her teachings.

Marnina will share with you her career journey and how she came to be on the podcast in her current role, but I’ll too let you know that Marnina is a graduate dermal clinician who sits as a general committee member of the ASDC, a dermoscopist at skin smart Australia, and a clinical educator and sessional lecturer at Victoria University.

In the aforementioned roles, Marnina realised the need for increased patient advocacy,, early intervention and inter professional patient management in the fields of skin and lymphatic health, which lead her to Found and create the online directory, Derm Health Co.

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