If you love skin and learning, then today’s guest is going to be the perfect episode for you! My guest today needs no introduction, as many of you probably know her as a household name in the industry, Chiza Westcarr. 

Chiza has an incredible resume history and industry experience including completeing her Bachelor of Health Sciences – Clinical Dermal Therapies , Masters degree in Human Nutrition, Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine, as well as certificates across Health Coaching, Metabolic Balance® and becoming a GAPS Practitioner.

Chiza is also a Dermal Clinician and Educator, a Health Coach and Founder of The Nutritional Skincare Academy who’s mission it is to empower skin specialists with vital and innovative tools to obtain outstanding and long-lasting results for their clients.

I have been waiting to find the perfect conversation topic to feature Chiza on this podcast, and when I saw discussion around treating clients on the higher end of the fitzpatric scale on her blog, I knew this would be a fantastic episode to verbalise and create awareness around.

Chiza shares with us how, precautions and advice on treating Fitzpatric 3 and above clients, which I am sure you are so going to love listening to.

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