Today we are talking about building an empire in the beauty industry with a very special guest, Kate Flammea. Kate is the brains and brilliance behind not one but TWO thriving companies in the beauty industry, Smart Skin Clinics and PressPlay Cosmetics.

Smart Skin Clinics has been an industry leader for 8 years now, and has 4 locations across Victoria. They specialize in advanced skin treatments such as cosmedical grade peels, Laser hair removal, lipo freeze and cosmetic injectables.

Kate’s most recent venture has been into the cosmetic world where she has launched PressPlay Cosmetics, a smart phone sized portable make up capsule which keeps even the busiest person looking flawless.

Kate speaks of her creative process with the capsule, her juggling act of having children during the start up phase and lots more insightful tips you will love about being an all round empire creator in the industry.

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