Originally an Account Director (aka Business Strategist) in leading national and international advertising agencies in both Melbourne and Sydney, Brigitte noticed the beauty industry had problems and couldn’t understand why – only seeing the potential of what should be a flourishing industry.

Brigitte began coaching beauty industry professionals in 2005 with just a few clients on her books but it wasn’t long before she was coaching hundreds of salons, and hundreds more therapists. Brigittes academic qualifications, together with her business, hands-on salon experience and coaching expertise, have guided many salon owners to turn their salons into successful businesses; real businesses where high turnover, high productivity and high client and staff retention are all achieved as a matter of course.

Todays BeautePartner is Timely Salon Software visit https://www.gettimely.com/ for more information

To find more about Brigitte and her programs, you can do so here: https://www.creamsolutions.co/momentum, here www.creamsolutions.co and here @creamsolutions_brigittebenge

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