Pia’s love for evolving and expanding her ability to serve at the highest level has seen her learn from almost every master educator in the beauty and skin industry over the last 20+ years, as well attending countless seminars and workshops on all topics of internal and external health, including neuroinflammation, gut-brain-axis, detoxification, and environmental pollutants – just to name a few!
You may recognise Pia’s name as well as her warm tone and voice through her educational posts on social media as well as in Dermascope magazine, the ASDC blog, Spa Beauty NZ and also the APJ Journal.
A beauty business owner herself, Pia has now transitioned into providing holistic education relating a myriad of relevant lifestyle factors and their impact upon the digestive system, and how that influences skin, for therapists across the country.
Today Pia educates us on the digestive pathway, what digestion interruption looks like when treating and how we can help our clients the fastest way possible while still staying in the scope of practice.
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To find out more about Pia Kynoch you’ll find her here and here @piakynoch_holistic_education
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