Inspired by a facial treatment received whilst working at the Aesop retail space as a sales assistant, James Vivian went onto become the first male graduate from Elly Lukas through qualification of the diploma of beauty therapy.

Through frustration and limitation of reward and recognition, James moved into his first startup venture, the travelling peelsman, which was a mobile business where he travelled to clients providing bespoke chemical peel treatments.

A love for client experience and stable space propelled James to open his bricks and mortar store, which soon expanded beyond Melbourne and into Sydney.

Winner of Best Eco Salon at 2019 ABIA Awards, James and I explore what it means to be a great therapist, the importance of touch and treatment as well as the dynamics being a dermal therapist has had on his business.

Featured in publications such as Gritty Pretty, Beauticate, Brydie, Rescu, My Domaine and Urban List just to name a few, James Vivian is a humble therapist and business owner who strives to achieve the perfect treatment for clients based on knowledge, consistency and experience.

To find out more about James Vivian you’ll find them here and here @jamesvivian_clinic 

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