My guest today is Rachel Evans of RE.Connection Project. Rachel and I connected at a recent photoshoot for a Brisbane Women in Business Magazine where we chatted all things women in business, in particular, busy women in busy businesses – and I thought what better time to publish this episode than now when you’ve all had your most busy period and are hopefully spending a little rest and recharge over the Summer holidays and are refilling your cup. Rachel is an exercise physiologist, a keynote speaker and someone who so beautifully and simply talks about moving your body and mastering your mindset to focus on the calm and clarity which we so need to continue to run our businesses at the capacity which they’re required to run. The conversation takes us through looking internally at our bodies, the people who surround us and also the loneliness that can be associated with business. My cheeky cat tigerlily felt very passionate about rest and reconnection, and chimed in with a few meows here and there, so you can hear her opinion on the piece if you listen carefully. Web Address: Facebook Handle : Instagram Handle: @re.connection_project

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