Today’s guest is Ashleigh Larcorcia, CEO and Educator at Ashleigh Larcorcia Lash Academy, or more commonly known as Melbourne Lashes on Instagram.

After knowing nothing about lashes I stumbled across Ashleighs instagram and was instantly wow’d by her professionalism, technique and passion for everything involving lashes and I immediately knew this was a podcast episode that needed to be recorded for you all.

Ashleigh has been in the lash industry for over 9 years now after going to work in a banking and administration career where she knew in her heart there was something more. Building her business from the ground up as a solo lash stylist to having a fully booked appointment diary with a team of lash stylists, Ashleigh completely understands what it takes to make it as an exceptional lash stylist and successful business women at that!

Through the need for further education and training within the lash industry, Ashleigh set out to help strengthen the lash world by creating her own education and training centre as the business we know today as, Melbourne Lashes.

Service standards, lash relationships and finding your purpose are topics Ashleigh and I cover in todays conversation.

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Audience offer: Ebook – Want to start a business but don’t know where to start – 5 EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS ON HOW TO GET YOUR BUSINESS STARTED with bonus tips on how to quit your 9-5 and build a strong clientele.

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