Hosted by Tamara Reid, today’s guests are Stefanie Milla and Suzanne Robertson from the United Institute of Aesthetics – Advanced dermal and modality education providers.

Stefanie Milla is a skin educator and cosmetic formulator who has owned and run dermal clinics for the past 22 years, she formulated and founded Dermalist, a clinical skincare range in 2020 that has quickly developed a cult following due to its cutting edge formulations. Stef is also a Director and the CEO of the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council, our national official peak industry body for beauty and aesthetics.

Suzanne Robertson has been one of the most respected Dermal Therapists in our industry for the past 15 years. Building a reputation as a successful Manager and leader of multiple advanced skin clinics.

Suzi is truly a Master Dermal Trainer with industry-leading experience in education, dermal therapy, lasers and modalities.

Suzi and Stef blend their collective industry expertise and combine it with the latest advanced learning methods and technology to teach you, not only about the science of skin, but how to correctly learn, retain and apply that information for success in your careers and clinics.

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