Today’s guest is Andy Heyne from Millionaire Salon Coach.

Andy understands first hand, the challenges of being in business, and everything that comes with business ownership. CEO of Millionaire Salon Coach and mineral makeup brand, Face-By-R, Andy also successfully runs The Skin Coaches Salon alongside his wife. With a growing family and multiple businesses he has been through it all, from the pandemic to staffing and financial challenges.

His commitment to help other salon owners break free from the daily grind and find the financial freedom to live the life they desire is his sole purpose and passion. Millionaire Salon Coach programs are designed to help salon and business owners build financially free beauty salons by aligning their mission, vision and core values.

He is dedicated to helping salon owners create the life they deserve so they can live the life they desire!

Here to talk to us about identifying opportunities for business growth, from Millionaire Salon Coach today we welcome Andy Heyne.

This episode was brought to you by our ABIC Sponsor Millionaire Salon Coach.

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