Today’s guest is Otto Mitter from Elleebana.

Otto’s journey in the beauty industry is one of inspiration. He’s a multi award winning lash & brow educator, product developer, cosmetic chemist and brand builder with a career that spans over 2 decades.

Otto’s brand Elleebana produces lash & brow enhancement ranges and education programs to distributors, educators and salon professionals in over 60 countries globally.

Otto’s busy schedule sees him touring to speak at exhibitions, conferences and judge at competitions all around the world and he’s a leading authority when it comes to technical support in the area of lash and brow lamination and colouration.

Otto has a passion for continuing education, working with leaders in the industry and dedicating his time to help up and coming beauty therapists, lash artists and educators develop their profiles and careers.

Here to talk to us about overcoming challenges in the world of lash and brow lamination from Elleebana, today we welcome Otto Mitter.

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